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This Terrifying Escape Room In Ottawa Traps You In A Room With A Serial Killer

Are you brave enough to try this terrifying escape room in Ottawa? Serial Killer Charade at Room Escape Ottawa is a super creepy escape room that feels like you've entered a horror movie.

Get ready to be scared! In Serial Killer Charade, several people go missing, and there is a serial killer using people for some strange witchcraft ritual. Together with your team, you head into the forest to try to save the missing people, but instead, risk being the next murder victim.

Be warned this room is super creepy! The design of the room is very well done and begins with you being locked in a small dark cage with no way to escape. Around you, it is hard to see because it is dark and there are blood splattered walls.

The challenge will be to free yourself from the serial killer's lair before the time runs out. Together with up to 8 of your friends, you will have 1 hour to solve all the puzzles.

After defeating your escape room at Room Escape Ottawa, make sure to check out Archery Games Ottawa and Playback which are in the same building. At Archery Games Ottawa your team can play archery tag, while Playback is the perfect spot to enjoy some delicious food and play games like shuffleboard together.

For more information about Room Escape Ottawa, or to book your team to try Serial Killer Charade visit their website.

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