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Ottawa’s Snowstorm Will Be So Bad Tomorrow That Even The Mayor Wants You To Stay Home

Up to 40 cm of snow is expected to cover the capital city.
Ottawa’s Snowstorm Will Be So Bad Tomorrow That Even The Mayor Wants You To Stay Home

Brace yourselves, Ottawa! A huge winter storm is heading towards the capital city right now, and meteorologists are predicting a snowfall of up to 40 cm in some areas. Conditions are expected to be so bad during Ottawa's winter snowstorm, that even the mayor is urging locals to stay at home.

On Tuesday afternoon, Environment Canada issued a winter storm warning for the city of Ottawa, encouraging residents to be prepared for what could be the season's biggest blizzard.

With up to 40 cm of slush expected to fall between Wednesday night and Thursday, Ottawa's Mayor has some suggestions of his own.

In a tweet on Wednesday, Jim Watson called for employers to be facilitating during the wintry weather, and urged people to work from home wherever possible.

He wrote, “As Ottawa prepares for the biggest snowstorm this year, I encourage all residents who are able to do so to work from home tomorrow, and for their employers to facilitate these arrangements.”

He went on to add, “This will help our crews with cleanup, as well as keep our streets safe. Stay warm."

Watson's advice comes as the whole province prepares for difficult conditions overnight. While temperatures are expected to hover around zero, a significant amount of slush is coming, too.

According to The Weather Network, residents of the capital city could see up to 15 cm of snow on Wednesday night, combined with 20 cm or more into Thursday morning.

If the total reaches over 30 cm, this would become the biggest whiteout that Ottawa has seen so far this year.

Prior to this blast, the largest single day snowfall was just under 30 cm on February 7.

Not only has news of the incoming bad weather prompted a response from Jim Watson, it was also the final straw for the Rideau Canal Skateway.

In a statement on Wednesday, the National Capital Commission (NCC) confirmed that the canal would be closing for the season already, due to unusually mild temperaures and the impending blizzard.

They tweeted, "Our maintenance teams works hard, but can’t out work Mother Nature," going on to add that the stormy conditions would have only made the ice more dangerous.

Speaking at the end of a Council meeting on Wednesday, Mayor Watson said, “To members of the public who are able to work from home, we would strongly suggest that to keep as many vehicles off the road as possible.”

Wherever you are tomorrow, stay safe Ottawa!

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