Just when you thought it was all over, there’s some more bad weather ahead. Despite having the warmest day of the year so far this week, the hot weather isn’t sticking around. On Monday night, Ottawa's weather is about to get nasty, and locals can expect record-low temperatures of -3 C. Yikes!

You’d be forgiven for thinking that spring had finally arrived in Ottawa, as the weekend brought sunny skies and warm temperatures.

In fact, Sunday was the warmest day of the year so far in the city, as temperatures reached as high as 21.5 C in the afternoon.

While the weekend was extremely pleasant for residents of the capital, it seems it’s still too early to put away our jackets and boots.

According to Environment Canada’s weather forecast, these comfortable conditions are not going to stick around, and Ottawa could see record-breaking low temperatures on Monday night/Tuesday morning.

As of Sunday, Environment Canada predicts lows of -3 C in the early hours of Tuesday morning, which would break the previous record for the coldest May 5.

CTV News Ottawa reports that the current cold record for this same date was set back in 1952, and temperatures reached as low as -2.2 C. 

If you were hoping things would start to improve on Wednesday, there’s bad news ahead. The forecast low for Tuesday night into Wednesday is -4 C, which is also uncomfortably close to the 1966 record of -3.3 C on May 6.

However, there is some good news on the horizon.

Despite some cold nights coming up, Ottawa will start warming up again by the middle of the week, with highs of 18 C expected on Thursday afternoon.

For residents of the capital city, these record-low temperatures should hardly be surprising.

Just last week, Ottawa was officially the coldest capital city in the world, despite it being springtime. With temperatures of -6 C on April 22, it was frostier than Moscow, Helsinki and even Reykjavik. Brr!

Despite the chilly start to spring in Ottawa, there should be nicer weather coming our way very soon.

Environment Canada’s seasonal forecast predicts a long, hot summer across the country, with temperatures that are perfect for "beer-drinking."

Fingers crossed!

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