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Ottawa's Rainfall Broke Records This Weekend For The First Time In Over 35 Years

It's only expected to get worse throughout this week.
Ottawa's Weather Saw Record-Breaking Rainfall This Sunday

If you spent some time in Ottawa this weekend, you would know it was a rainy one. If you thought that you were seeing more rain than usual, you actually weren't wrong. In fact, records show that it was the most rain the city has ever seen on that day in over 35 years. Ottawa's weather reached a whopping 29.5 millimeters of rain on Sunday.

To put that in perspective, the last time rainfall ever reached nearly that much on October 27 was in 1981 when precipitation records were at 28.2 millimeters. Meaning that this year broke records by just over one millimeter. 

Yet, this month has seen a lot of rain. Ottawa has received 92 millimeters of rain in October, according to CTV News Ottawa

Yet, it's not the only city that faced some pretty wet weather this weekend. Kingston got even more rain than Ottawa did. They got hit was 45 millimeters, which Global News reports led to flooding. 

However, it looks like the rain may be coming to a brief end. Throughout Monday the weather is supposed to clear up. It will be 9 C throughout the day and overcast, according to The Weather Network.The rest of the week in Ottawa is set to be mostly rainy, except for Tuesday, which will see 16 C weather and sunshine with some cloudy breaks. 

Enjoy the dry weather while you can because Wednesday, Thursday and Friday will be rainy in Ottawa, and temperatures will cool down as well.

Wednesday and Thursday will be 11 C, while Friday will go down to 8 C.

The night of Halloween will have an 80% chance of rain, and it is expected to be the rainiest day of the week. In fact, The Weather Network predicts that between 25 and 35 millimeters of rain could fall on Halloween. 

CBC News reports that there is a chance of snow on the weekend. Looks like extreme weather is coming back, and soon.

So make sure to pack your umbrella Ottawa, the rain isn't over just yet. 

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