You need to go on this boozy bike tour of Ottawa with your BFFs! Thursty Pedaler, a giant party bike in Ottawa, just launched in mid-July. Together with 14 other people, you can go on a pub crawl!

Party bikes originated in Amsterdam and are prevalent in parts of Europe and the United States. In the past few years, they have started to appear in Canada. Now, we're thrilled to have a party bike in Ottawa!

The Thursty Pedaler is a pedal-powered party bike designed to be fun and social. Here in Ottawa, the Thursty Pedaler is a workout, a hang out with your friends, and a tour of some of the best bars in the city all in one! According to Thursty Pedaler, "Our aim is to bring people together to have fun."

Here's how it works: you'll cycle to Craft Beer Market, Clocktower BrewPub, and Banditos, taking a short 20-25 minute break to refuel at each stop. The entire tour takes approximately two hours.

Due to Ontario liquor laws, you can't consume alcohol on the bike, but you'll be drinking at the three local bars en route. At each stop, you'll receive samples and exclusive drink deals just for Thursty Pedalers.

Currently, the tours run Thursday to Sunday, but you can book a private tour anytime. If you're looking for a fun way to celebrate a birthday, bachelor or bachelorette party, a tour on the Thursty Pedaler is perfect!

If you don't drink alcohol, you'll be excited to hear about Thursty Pedaler's upcoming tours! In 2020, Thursty Pedaler plans to expand to other areas in Ottawa. They're also working on a coffee crawl, and a bike and brunch tour.

Thursty Pedaler

Price: $39.83 per person

Address: Kunstadt Sports, 680 Bank St., Ottawa

Why you need to go: You can ride this party bike with 14 friends!