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Trudeau Says Drake Isn’t On His ‘Personal Playlist’ Right Now But Here’s Who Is

The PM revealed who he listens to when he's feeling "soulful."

If you've ever wondered what's playing through the prime minister's headphones, we've got the answers. Justin Trudeau recently revealed what's on his personal playlist right now and it sounds like Drake is getting skipped!

Speaking on The Brandon Gonez Show last week, the PM opened up about the music he's been listening to during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Jagmeet Singh Shared The Best Throwback Baby Pic On Mother’s Day & His Pout Is Perfect

Singh also shared the most important life lessons his mom has given him!

Talk about a throwback! To celebrate Mother's Day this year, Jagmeet Singh shared the sweetest photo of himself as a youngster with his mom.

Sharing the adorable polaroid via Instagram and Twitter on May 9, the NDP leader joked about the silly facial expressions the duo are pulling.

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Justin Trudeau Just Shared A Major Throwback Pic & He Looks So Different (PHOTO)

The PM had a special Mother's Day message to share.👇

To celebrate Mother's Day this year, the prime minister took to social media to share some intimate and adorable pictures of his family.

One photo shows a very young Justin Trudeau smiling with his mom, while another shows Sophie Grégoire Trudeau laughing with their three children.

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Jagmeet Singh Just Sent Trudeau A Letter Urging Him To ‘Show Leadership’ Right Now

"I can't accept that this is the best you can do."

The same day Justin Trudeau confirmed Canada is in a “very serious” third wave of COVID-19, Jagmeet Singh sent him a letter urging the prime minister to do better.

Sharing the note on Twitter, the NDP leader revealed that he’d called on the prime minister to do “more to protect Canadians” and urged him to “show leadership” during this new wave of the pandemic.

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New Photos Show How Justin Trudeau & His Family Celebrated Easter This Year

You’re apparently never too old to hunt for Easter eggs! 🐣🥚

A new Instagram post shared by Sophie Grégoire Trudeau shows exactly what Justin Trudeau and his family got up to this Easter long weekend.

Posting on Sunday, April 4, Grégoire Trudeau acknowledged that it was the second year in a row that Canadians would be celebrating the holiday differently than usual, thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic.

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Sophie Grégoire Trudeau Shared This Super Personal Family Photo & It's So Sweet

"It’s moments like these that make me optimistic..." 💖

In a new post via Instagram, Sophie Grégoire Trudeau shared a super-personal insight into her family’s life at home during lockdown.

On Saturday, March 20, she posted a photo of her two youngest children — Ella Grace and Hadrien — snuggled up together and snoozing on the sofa.

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