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Ottawa Public Health Is Coming After Your Pineapple Pizza In Their New Flu Campaign

Seems like someone with Ottawa Public Health has a bone to pick with pineapple pizza.
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Ottawa Public Health Is Coming After Your Pineapple Pizza In Their New Flu Campaign

People don't always agree when it comes to food and what tastes good or doesn't. But this latest case of food disagreement comes from an unlikely source. The pineapple on pizza debate has been sparked again by Ottawa Public Health dragging the dish on Twitter. 

Ottawa Public Health took to Twitter on October 18 to remind people about flu season and how to protect themselves from getting sick. But the tweet ended with the agency going after pineapple on pizza and a picture saying pizza and pineapple don't add up. 

The hilarious anti pineapple on pizza tweet started off nicely by telling people what things will protect them from the flu. It lists things you probably already know to do like wash your hands. 

But the tweet veered off course by taking a jab at pizza with pineapple on it as something that won't help people this flu season. 

The tweet links to Ottawa Public Health's page about the flu which has a bunch of information on what the flu is, where people can get the flu shot, what symptoms are and how to prevent getting sick. 

Even though the point of the tweet was to get people to the website to give them information about the flu, people were more interested in talking about the wicked burn on pineapple pizza. 

The replies to Ottawa Public Health's tweet are hilarious and are guaranteed to make you laugh when you scroll through them. 

And in the middle of all the disagreement are some kind moments too. One person even said that the person running the account "needs a raise." 

But the funniest tweets are the responses from Ottawa Public Health.

Some people tried to argue the merits of pineapple pizza but none of them succeeded in changing the minds at Ottawa Public Health. 

Ottawa Public Health gets an A+ for sass, humour and gif usage. 

Despite some brave people trying to take a stand against the pineapple on pizza hate, we won't take sides in this debate. It's too risky!

Because of the tweets and all the vicious clap backs, we don't think anybody is brining pizza with pineapple on it to any Ottawa Public Health staff meetings or parties. 

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    Lisa Belmonte
    Trending Senior Staff Writer
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