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You Have To See This Instagrammable Street Near Ottawa That Is Covered With 700 Pinwheels

You need to see this street covered with 700 pinwheels!

Looking for something fun to do in Ottawa? This summer you need to see this Instagrammable street covered with pinwheels near Ottawa. With 700 pinwheels hanging over the pedestrian road it is a stunning sight to behold!

This year Gatineau's Cultural Trail is back for its third edition this summer. If you haven't visited the 3 km walking trail in downtown Old Hull, you are seriously missing out.

The trail starts right across the Alexandra Bridge next to the Canadian Museum of History and takes you to the top tourist attractions, restaurant, bars, stores, and plenty of works of art! Inspired by Boston's legendary Freedom Trail the route is marked by a painted red line that you can follow.

Walking the entire route will take you about an hour. This year there are tons of new public artworks and murals along Gatineau's Cultural Trail to discover.

Last year one of the most famous sights on Gatineau's Cultural Trail was the umbrella-covered street. This year the umbrellas on Aubry Street have been replaced with 700 pinwheels that spin over the pedestrian route. It is a popular spot with locals and tourists alike to take Instagram photos.

The artwork is called Pleiades of Aeolus and was created by Mathieu Fecteau and Samuelle Desjardins. Inspired by childhood, the art installation will begin spinning if there is a slight breeze. Walking below the hundreds of spinning pinwheels in a multitude of colours is a spectacular sight.

The pinwheel street is early on the Gatineau's Cultural Trail, so you don't need to walk the entire 3 km route to reach it. From the start of the trail near the Alexandra Bridge, it will take you roughly 15 minutes to reach the pinwheel covered Aubry Street. When on Aubry Street there are plenty of outdoor patios where you can enjoy a meal or a drink and watch the pinwheels spin.

Gatineau's Cultural Trail

Price: Free!

Address: Rue Aubry, Gatineau, Quebec

Why you need to go: You need to see this street covered with 700 pinwheels!