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Police Are Investigating An Angry Racist Attack At Local Ontario Grocery Store Parking Lot (VIDEO)

The couple hurled racist slurs and hit a woman with their car.

An Ottawa woman was walking to her car with her baby in hand when an impatient couple waiting for a parking lot allegedly hit her with their car and began hurling racial slurs at her. 

That's when she pulled out her phone to get the car's license plate number and managed to capture a video of the incident. She posted it to her Facebook page on Tuesday, September 18th where it now has over 180,000 views. 

In her Facebook post, Jenny Dao-D'Angelo says she is Canadian born but of Chinese heritage. It's not captured in the video, but she says the couple hit her with her car and said: "Go back to your country you ch*nk bitch" using an extremely derogatory term. 

She goes on to say that the most offensive and concerning part was that they acted like this when she had her baby with her. 

Via Jenny Dao-D'Angelo | Facebook

Now Ottawa Police are investigating the incident behind the video. According to Dao-D'Angelo's post, she called police immediately after the confrontation and was very pleased with their quick response to her report. 

Police confirmed to the Ottawa Citizen that they are investigating the report and have already met with D'Angelo.  

Neither the police or D'Angelo said where the incident took place but the video appears to be taken at the Giant Tiger on Merivale Road, in Ottawa's Nepean neighbourhood.