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Ottawa's Sad Cat Meme Has Been Turned Into An Ugly Christmas Sweater

There's no stopping this viral Canadian cat!

This week, the internet discovered that the sad white kitty from the viral “cat meme” is actually from Ottawa, and the image was born right here in Canada! Now, the sad cat meme from Ottawa has officially become an ugly Christmas sweater, and if you want to win all of the sweater competitions this Christmas, here’s what you need to know about buying it.

If you don't already know, Ottawa's viral cat meme is the picture of a white feline sat at a table, staring worriedly at a plate of vegetables. 

He's also the same animal from the "woman vs cat" meme, which is just the same photo combined with a picture of a woman screaming and pointing at him.

Aside from being a total viral sensation, Smudge from Ottawa is also a social media superstar and has more than 1.2 million followers on his own personal Instagram.

Now, the internet's favourite kitty is taking stardom to the next level, after he has found himself on the front of an ugly Christmas sweater.

So, if you want to be the envy of all your friends, as well as probably win the "ugliest Christmas sweater" competition, you just need to buy yourself this crazy meme sweater.

To help Canadians truly get into the Christmas spirit, one ugly-sweater website has created a jumper specially dedicated to the little cat, and it’s actually pretty hilarious.

On an American website, the sweater is called the “woman vs cat ugly Christmas sweater,” and it features Ottawa’s favourite cat meme with a festive twist.

The writing on the sweater reads, “The cookies were for Santa,” and then “Shoulda labelled em.”

It's priced at $34.99 USD (approximately $45 CAD) and the site ships to Canada. If you order it now, you'll probably receive it in good time for Christmas!

If you’re a super-fan of Ottawa’s viral cat, or you simply just love meme-merch, Smudge the cat actually has his own website, and you can purchase his products by clicking here.

With everything from mugs, clothing, pins and badges, you can totally decorate your life with this kitty!

If you're interested in a meme-inspired holiday sweater this year, you can shop the Ottawa cat meme sweater here.

If you want to follow Smudge the Ottawa cat on Instagram, you can find his account here.

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