Ever since Seth Rogen recorded the new public safety announcements for the TTC, people everywhere have been vying for a celebrity voice for their city's transit. 

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Seth Rogen is a pretty popular choice considering he is now the voice of the Toronto system and also Vancouver's Skytrain, but it looks like he is down for some more. He recently offered himself up for the job of voicing Ottawa's new LRT announcements. 

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OC Transpo, the transit system in Canada's Capital, is near completing a brand new LRT system that will involve expanding the current O-Train system with new trains, lines, and stations. Given the new system, some people thought a new announcer should be brought on too and Seth Rogen volunteered himself for the job. 

In response to a tweet from CSE, one of Canada's intelligence agencies based in Ottawa, suggesting who could voice the LRT announcements Seth said he'd do it. 

If they’re not around I’ll do it.

31 July 2018

But the people of Ottawa have some other celebrities in mind, in fact, even CSE didn't suggest Seth Rogen in their original tweet. Instead, they thought Jeopardy host Alex Trebek or actor William Shatner would be good choices.

Despite Seth's own reply to the tweet, people have pretty much ignored it and continued with their own suggestions like Sandra Oh, Peter Mansbridge, Dan Akroyd, or Alanis Morisette. 

A duet between @normmacdonald and @Alanis

31 July 2018

A bit of Paul Anka, Dan Ackroid, Sandra Oh, Alanis Morisette ??????

1 August 2018

I’ll second Dan Akroyd. Maybe Peter Mansbridge? Or here’s a thought, why not a well known Canadian WOMAN? Marilyn Dennis from CHUM FM has a great voice.

1 August 2018

However, the Ottawa transit system won't be taking any suggestions because the position has actually already been filled.

A local Ottawa actor, Julian Doucet, has been the voice of OC Transpo system for a few years now, making the announcements for the buses, current O-Train line, and starting this year, the new LRT line as well. So while Seth Rogen is willing, the job is already spoken for.