'Speaking Moistly' Beer Is Now A Thing In Canada & It's Already Sold Out Online

It looks like Canada's just not going to let this one go!
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'Speaking Moistly' Beer Is Now A Thing In Canada & It's Already Sold Out Online

Just when you thought the whole “speaking moistly” saga couldn't get any more ridiculous, a new product has hit the shelves. Courtesy of Stray Dog Brewing Company, a new beer has been created, and its name was inspired by the Prime Minister’s infamous quote. Speaking moistly-themed beer has landed in Canada, but it’s already sold out online.

Just when Justin Trudeau thought we all may have forgotten about his humiliating "speaking moistly" moment, one Ottawa brewing company has proved that Canadians just aren’t prepared to let it go.

This week, Stray Dog Brewing revealed a new beer called Moistly Mosaic, inspired by the Prime Minister’s notorious comment.

Speaking to CTV News, the owners explained that they'd considered a number of names for their new creation, but had settled on one that was both topical, and relevant.

"The lightbulb went off!" they explained.

As the beer is mostly made from mosaic, a specific type of hop, Moistly Mosaic seemed like a perfect fit, for both the beer and the situation.

"What more do you want in an isolation pale ale?" the Orleans-based company owners asked.

Not much, it seems, as the 3,100 initial release sold out in just 72 hours!

In an Instagram post about the beer, the local company explained, “This IPA (Isolation Pale Ale) was made with mostly Mosaic hops with just a few droplets of Galaxy.”

“Relatively speaking, it’s moistly bursting with luscious tropical aromatics and flavours. Expect notes of passion fruit, pineapple and citrus that are still pungent from two meters away,” they joked.

To conclude, and to make one last hilarious dig, the brewery added, “Show your true leadership and place your orders today, because missing this beer is truly a terrible image.”

This Ottawa-based business isn't the only one to have made the most out of Trudeau’s iconic "speaking moistly" moment.

One Toronto-based company made a "speaking moistly" lip balm for those who wanted to keep their lips moist, while another Ottawa business made t-shirts dedicated to the horrible phrase.

Perhaps the most memorable creation was the "speaking moistly" song, which even included the PM's iconic hair flip. 

The comment, which the PM instantly regretted, has also inspired a significant number of memes, several cover songs, and even a viral TikTok trend.

Unfortunately for lovers of moistly merch, the people at Stray Dog Brewing have not committed to making any more Moistly Mosaic beers for the time being.

That said, they told CTV News that they would "never say never."

Sorry, Justin. I don't think Canada is ever going to let this one go!

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