An Ottawa Store Is Selling T-Shirts Honouring Trudeau's 'Speaking Moistly' Speech

JT's press conference has been immortalized.
Speaking Moistly Shirts Are Being Sold In Ottawa To Honour Trudeau's "Terrible Image"

If there’s one thing Canadians will never forget, it’s the time Justin Trudeau said “speaking moistly” on live TV. And as if the moment wasn’t already burned into our brains forever, you can now commemorate Trudeau's words in a whole new way. That’s right, "moist" shirts are actually available for pre-order in Ottawa and we’re totally obsessed. 

The shirts, which read "Do Not Speak Moistly On Me," will be available for shipping by May 1 through the local Ottawa shop Milk. 

If you're not sure what we're talking about, Trudeau admitted he'd conjured up a "terrible image" back on April 7 after highlighting how wearing face masks can stop you from "speaking moistly" on other people.

And, if you want to commemorate the modern Canadian heritage moment, these shirts come in black or white, sizes small to 3X, and will cost you $28 before tax. 

Milk, a ByWard Market staple since 2005 is owned by two sisters: Mais and Inaas Kiryakos. 

In a post on the shop's Instagram account, the sisters admit the inspiration for these shirts hit instantly.

“As soon as those magical words were released into the universe, we knew this would be a perfect way for us to not only create a fun product, but a way to help raise some money for our local community,” the post reads.

“Proceeds from each sale will go to the Rideau-Rockliffe Community Resource Centre, the Somerset West Community Health Centre, and the Lowertown Community Resource Centre.”

Milk also has greeting cards in their online shop that read “Speak Moistly On Me” if you want to send a different kind of message. 

The Kiryakos sisters aren’t the only ones to turn our Prime Minister's blunder into art, though. 

The term has been trending on TikTok, used in countless memes, and has been turned into a pretty catchy song as well. 

Even Andrew Scheer is using the term.

If you’re curious, each “Do Not Speak Moistly On Me” shirt is made from 100% cotton and is printed right in Ottawa. The shirts ship via Canada Post.

So, if Trudeau's talk of speaking moistly spoke to you, you know what to do.

Do Not Speak Moistly On Me Shirt

Price: $28

Why You Need It: Now you'll really never forget the time Justin Trudeau said "speaking moistly" on live TV. 

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