Racers have moved from Mario Kart and onto the capital city's streets. In less than one month, Ottawa Police issued more than 800 tickets for dangerous driving, speeding and stunt driving in Ottawa. Mayor Jim Watson described those involved as, “stupid drivers.”

If you’ve noticed an unusual amount of speeding cars, dangerous maneuvers and ridiculous stunts on the road recently, you’re not the only one.

During an Ottawa Police Services Board meeting on Monday, May 25, officers revealed that they’ve handed out a whopping 822 driving tickets since the beginning of May. 

At the start of the month, the service launched “Operation Overwatch,” which intended to target speeding on the streets of the National Capital Region.

Officers found a serious number of people to be breaking the rules on the road, particularly since the pandemic began.

“I would suggest dangerous driving, speeding and stunt driving is probably the number one public complaint we have received to date during the COVID-19 pandemic,” Chief Peter Sloly explained on Monday.

In just 25 days, not only had 822 tickets been handed out, but 36 vehicles had been impounded for stunt driving. That’s more than one per day!

In response to these numbers, Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson had some choice words for those involved.

Speaking during the same meeting on Monday, Watson described the new statistics as “unbelievable.”

“I’m glad you’re continuing that push, because that’s, certainly from my colleagues at City Hall, the biggest complaint we often receive is about speeding,” the mayor added.

“With fewer cars on the road and the roads opening up, these stunt, or stupid drivers, are taking advantage of that. I’d encourage you to continue to put resources into the stunt driving and excessive speed.”

It seems the dangerous driving trend has been spotted across the province recently, with some seriously ridiculous speeds and stunts spotted in the last few months.

In March, one Ottawa woman was driving so fast that she actually flipped her car over, while another Ontario driver was racing at such speeds that his whole tire blew out!

At the beginning of this month, a pair of Ontario teens were driving so fast in their dad’s car, they actually reached speeds of 308 km/h.

It's getting pretty scary out there, Ottawa. Stay safe!

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