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Stabbing, Snapchat, And A Trashed Airbnb: An Ottawa Party Ended In Chaos This Week

The party attracted hundreds of teenagers in Kanata.
Stabbing, Snapchat, And A Trashed Airbnb: An Ottawa Party Ended In Chaos This Week

A party in Ottawa this week descended into madness and it should be a very important lesson to everyone about using social media. 

On Tuesday night police were called to a house on Ottawa's Bridlewood area and found hundreds of panicked teenagers spilling onto the street after a party they attended went terribly wrong. 

Hundreds of Ottawa teens, some as young as 13 went to a crazy summer house party after seeing the invitation shared on Snapchat. According to some teenagers who spoke to CBC about the party, when they arrived it was so packed they couldn't move, and there was already damage to the property. 

There were holes punched in walls, cracks on the floor, and kids climbing out of windows onto the roof. To make matters even worse, the house was an AirBNB. 

Via AirBNB

The house at 38 Cedar Valley Drive is listed on AirBNB for almost $250 a night. Among the rules of the house listed is a strict no parties rule that was clearly ignored. 

As if the trashed AirBNB wasn't enough, the party became even more dangerous when at one point in the night a teenage boy was the victim of a stabbing. The CBC reports that a boy was stabbed in the leg and a video of him bleeding was shared on Snapchat, but since the app is short-term the video has disappeared. 

Police were called to the scene to address the large crowd of teenagers and restore some order to the neighbourhood. It is unknown right now whether any charges have been pressed yet in relation to the stabbing or party in general

Source: CBC

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