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Summer Is Officially Over According To The Sunset And Canadians Are Not Ok

"We are losing close to 3 minutes of daylight each day, and accelerating."
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Summer Is Officially Over According To The Sunset And Canadians Are Not Ok

If you’re starting to notice that the weather is cooling down a little, the leaves are one-by-one beginning to fall from the trees and the nights are slowly drawing in, it seems that you’re not the only one! With September only one short week away, and the sunsets in Canada getting earlier and earlier, it’s clear from the responses to one particular tweet that Canadians are not ready to say goodbye to summer just yet.

In a tweet on Wednesday afternoon, climatologist and weathercaster Ian Black explained how the sunsets in Ottawa could prove that Autumn was on the horizon. Alongside a photo of a beautiful Ontario sunset, Black wrote, “Sunset is now before 8pm. We will not see it set after 8pm again until late April.”

If that was not enough to upset summer-loving Canadians, Black went on to add, “We are losing close to 3 minutes of daylight each day, and accelerating. Tonight’s forecast low is 10°. Autumn is closing in.”

Clearly not prepared for this untimely dose of reality on their Twitter feed, several Canadians took the opportunity to respond to the CBC climatologist, letting him know that his factual seasonal update was totally uncalled for!

In response to Black’s party-pooping tweet, one user wrote, “No, Ian. This is not something that you should be reporting. It’s like seeing Halloween costumes at Costco in August. Or the God forsaken election lawn signs. We know it’s going to happen but we don’t need to be reminded. Please and thank you.”

Another Canadian took the opportunity to make a climate-change related joke, tweeting, “I cannot accept this scientific take. I am now a #sunsetdenier.”

A number of Twitter users felt the best way to share their feelings and reactions to Ian Black’s end-of-summer tweet was via GIF’s. Naturally, most of the GIF’s shared were shouting or head-shaking, with one user sharing the classic Michael Scott ‘NOOOOOOOO’ GIF.

Unforutantely, Black’s tweet is right, it seems that the sunsets in Ottawa are some of the earliest nationwide. Quebec is also suffering from early sunsets with averages at 7:42 p.m. but things look better towards Toronto, where residents have an extra 20 minutes or so of sun, with the sun setting usually around 8:15 p.m.  

While areas of B.C have their sunsets around the same time as Toronto, it seems the best place to be if you’re looking for long summer nights is Alberta, whose sunset averages are still around 8:40 p.m. 

Whatever time the sun is setting where you are, go outside and enjoy the summer! It seems it will be gone before we even know it.

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