Take A Breath Of Relief Ottawa, This Winter Is Supposed To Be Easy & Warm

*sheds a tear*
Take A Breath Of Relief Ottawa, This Winter Is Supposed To Be Easy & Warm

Even though we're not even close to winter, and it's unbearably hot outside, we have some good news for you regarding the dreaded winter that's upon us Ottawans. 

Thinking about how much snow we had last year is enough to make all of our stomachs turn. It seemed like the winter would never end, but here we are in August complaining about the weather... again. We should be used to this kind of weather by now but it's our favourite topic to bitch about. Sue us.

That being said, we need to mentally prepare ourselves for what is to come. If we could predict the weather, we would be golden. Well... maybe there is a way.

According to the Old Farmer's Almanac, which is accurate 80% of the time, this winter for Ottawa is supposed to be milder than normal with above-normal snowfall. Now listen, you can complain about the cold all you want, the part about snow isn't that bad. We can deal with snow, just give us a break for our ugly winter jackets and 3 pairs of leggings under our jeans. Honestly, just as long as the snow and the cold starts to disappear in March, we're good to go!

I don't mean to be a Debbie Downer, but the summer will be over before you know it and we'll have to take out our embarrassing Sorel's and tackle this thing. But it seems like Ottawa might get a break from -45 weather this year, so lets all cheer!

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