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The 13 Best Vegan-Friendly Restaurants In Ottawa

Food for everyone!

It's super hard to be vegan when no one else you know is. You want to go to every restaurant in Ottawa that's labelled vegan, but it's a trek to get someone to go with you. Not anymore!

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I've gathered up a list of the best vegan-friendly restaurants in Ottawa. So every time you go out with your friends, you don't have to just order a salad. These places have real and hearty vegan meals that your friends will even love! And if they don't, no worries. They can order something that's not vegan. Everyone wins!

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Fiazza Fresh Fired // 86 Murray Street

Vegan pizza? Count me in. At Fiazza Fresh Fired, you can build your own pizza and they have so many vegan options, including vegan cheese.

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Chickpeas // 500 Terminal Ave A-05

Chickpeas is Ottawa's first and only falafel and hummus eatery. There are so many vegan options to choose from, you won't know where to start. They even have a falafel waffle called a fawaffle. Genius.

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Talay Thai // 511 Bank St

Talay Thai has a ton of vegan options, as they use coconut milk in a lot of their dishes. You can ask for tofu in any of their dishes as well.

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Cheshire Cat Pub // 2193 Richardson Side Rd

The Cheshire Cat Pub has fried cauliflower wings. Need I say more?

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Havana Cafe // 1200 Bank St

Havana Cafe is a quaint little cafe that has unreal yucca fries. Along with that, they also have a great veggie Cuban wrap and other options you can easily make vegan!

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So Good Restaurant // 717 Somerset St W

So Good Restaurant serves authentic Chinese, Thai and Vietnamese foods. With those three, the vegan options are endless. All the veggie fried rice, please.

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Clover Food and Drink // 155 Bank St

Clover Food and Drink has sautéed chickpeas on the menu. Yum! As well as other vegan friendly options, like a white bean pasta that is vegan without the parmesan cheese and a black bean sandwich without the feta.

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Bread & Sons Bakery // 195 Bank St

Another vegan pizza option. Because you can never have too many, right?!

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Ahora Mexican Cuisine // 307 Dalhousie St

You can make anything vegan at a Mexican restaurant. Chips and guac, a black bean burrito without cheese, veggie tacos, and much more!

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ThimbleCakes // 369 Bank St

Their tagline is 'something for everyone', which is completely accurate. You can find many vegan treats here, and you'll never feel deprived!

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Fuel Bar // 99 Metcalfe St

They have vegan oatmeal, vegan wraps, vegan salads, and so much more. Whatever you want, they can make it vegan!

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Aroma Meze // 239 Nepean St

Aroma Meze has a ton of vegan options. On their appetizer section, they have small dishes that contain veggies that you won't be able to say no to.