The Best And Most Unique Drinks In Ottawa May Actually Be In Gatineau

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The Best And Most Unique Drinks In Ottawa May Actually Be In Gatineau

In Ottawa, there are quite a few places to go and get drinks with friends. The ByWard Market is an easy place to get to, and the vibes are always good on the weekends. But sometimes you just want a change of scenery, and we're not talking about hitting up a bar in Barrhaven.

For some odd reason, Ottawa and Gatineau are referred to as the same place. While you may think all Gatineau has is a park where you can hike, that's actually not true. Beyond Casino du Lac-Leamy and Gatineau Park, there is a hidden gem called SHAKER Cuisine & Mixologie.

SHAKER Cuisine & Mixology is a bar and grill located in Gatineau, and their drinks are unlike anything you've ever tasted before. Their drinks come in small pots or large pots, also known as mason jars. However, whats inside of the jars are what really matters.

No matter what kind of drinker you are, you'll find a drink you love here. And the best part? You can try a few and have a completely different experience with each one. They have an adult iced coffee, which resembles s'mores, one called merry poppins, and another called walking dead. Those are just a few options, but there are so many to choose from!

Not only do they have delicious and unique drinks, but they have a great menu that is also quite unique. Their menu is heavily based on tartar and burgers, which is kind of a random combo but it's absolutely delicious. They're also known for their poké bowls!

So next time you're deciding where to go for date night, a girls night, or just out with your friends, check out SHAKER Cuisine & Mixologie. Their drinks don't disappoint, and neither does their food. Even if you're a picky eater they still have some amazing food on their menu.

SHAKER Cuisine & Mixology is located at 100 Boulevard Maloney O #73 and is open everyday of the week from 11 am to 3 am. So that means you can eat there and party there! Since it's in Gatineau, their whole menu is in French, but you can see what you want just by the pictures of the drinks. For more information on menu, location, and their famous drinks, visit their website here.

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