We all love food, do we not? Even better is when we don't have to worry about making it ourselves and cleaning up afterwards etc. This is why take-out is an incredible invention. What's not an incredible invention though - all the single-use plastics that come with it. Thankfully, there is one restaurant trying to change that, and not only are they serving up some of the best Indian food in Ottawa, they are making a difference.

We tagged along with Soheil Var to check out Brampton Authentic Indian Food, a tasty spot offering honest, home-made Indian staples. What makes the restaurant stand out is that they are inviting customers to bring in their own reusable containers to have the food served in. In exchange, the restaurant offers a discount on your food, as well as some peace of mind knowing that you are helping the environment.

This really is a great initiative for take-out restaurants, who as we know, are generally major culprits for non-reusable waste. Brampton Authentic Indian Food is doing away with all the Styrofoam containers and plastic cutlery that is polluting our landfills, and it's definitely something we can get behind.

Not to mention, all your leftovers are already conveniently stored in containers to take home. What a Bonus!

WHO: Soheil Var

WHAT: Bring Your Own Container At This Ottawa Restaurant

WHERE: 178 Meadowlands Dr W, Nepean, ON K2G 2S6

WHY: You'll earn serious karma points while also eating delicious Indian Food.