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Ottawa Is Officially The Coldest Capital City In The World Right Now

It's colder than Norway, Iceland and Russia!

As most Canadians know, this country gets pretty cold. While it’s unsurprising to experience February temperatures of -22 C in Canada’s capital, it’s still somewhat shocking to learn that these conditions could make Ottawa the coldest capital city in the world right now. As of 10:30 a.m. on Friday, Ottawa was chillier than Helsinki, Warsaw and even Oslo!

Despite it feeling like a somewhat mild winter season in Ottawa this year, it appears that it’s still a lot frostier than the rest of the world.

In fact, according to timeanddate.com, on Friday morning it was the coldest capital city on the planet. Now, that’s an achievement!

Although Canada has topped this list in the past, bone-chillingly cold countries like Norway, Mongolia, Russia, Iceland and Finland often take first place.

However, on Friday, February 14, it was Ottawa’s turn to take the number one spot. The Canadian capital topped the list with a morning temperature of -22 C. Ouch!

Joining Canada at the top of the list is Mongolia’s capital city, Ulaan-Baatar, where locals were also experiencing conditions of -22 C.

Following behind is Nuuk (Greenland), Nur-Sutan (Kazakhstan) and Beijing (China). In all three capitals, the temperatures are considerably warmer at -8 C.

If this wasn’t already enough proof that Canada gets pretty freezing, we’ve also topped the list for the coldest country in the world on several occasions.

Earlier this year, a WXNow weather report found Canada to be the home of 10 of the top 15 coldest places on the planet.

Yukon joined regions of Alaska and Russia, as temperatures at the time reached -50 C in the early hours of the morning.

In response to the chilly conditions in Ottawa this weekend, both Environment Canada and Ottawa Public Health (OPH) have issued extreme cold warnings.

In fact, temperatures get so low in the city tonight that you could actually get frostbite in under 10 minutes.

With expected conditions of -35 C with wind chill on Friday night, locals are being urged to take appropriate caution if they’re heading outdoors.

If you’re planning to celebrate Valentine’s Day, Family Day, or you’re simply heading out to enjoy the last weekend of Winterlude, wrap up warm! 

This is the coldest capital city on Earth after all ...