While the Olympics are now officially over, that doesn't mean that loss against Germany in hockey doesn't sting any less for Canadians. While we did end up taking home a silver in women's hockey and a bronze in mens', it's just weird to think we didn't land gold! Though for Ottawans there is a major silver lining to the loss that you'll be happy to know you can take advantage of today.

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After the loss to Germany, the German foreign tweeted out to Germans in Canada to go easy on Canadians just after we lost the semi-final game:

Travel advisory: Germans in Canada should exercise a high degree of empathy. Be nice, don’t gloat, give hugs, buy rounds of hot chocolate.Just imagine how you would feel if Canada beat us in soccer #CANGER @TeamD @CanadaFP @GermanyInCanada @KanadaBotschaft

That in itself was pretty nice of them considering the win was probably a pretty exciting affair for anyone who is even the slightest German. Though the German embassy in Ottawa took the foreign office's advice one step further in the following tweet:

We are following @GermanyDiplo's advice and WILL be buying rounds of hot chocolate* for Ottawans! Location, date and time: @Bridgehead at Sparks & Metcalfe, Monday, Feb. 26, 8-9am. (*up to 50 , first come first served) https://twitter.com/GermanyDiplo/status/967079630854291456 …

So while Canada isn't bringing home a gold in hockey, if you live in Ottawa around the area, you can bring home a free hot chocolate! The event will be running from 8-9 this morning over at Bridgehead but be quick as cups are limited!