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Ottawa's Newest Haunted Mansion Experience Will Scare You Out Of Your Mind This Fall

Two former Prime Ministers lived in this Victorian mansion! 👻
Ottawa's Haunted Walk

Do you love the mystery surrounding haunted houses? If you do, you need to discover The Haunted Walk of Ottawa's latest terrifying experience, The Haunting at Laurier House. On this brand new tour in Ottawa, you'll enter a haunted house and get scared out of your mind!

The Haunting at Laurier House takes place this fall from Sep. 13 to Nov. 9, 2019 at Laurier House. This Victorian mansion in Sandy Hill is the former residence of two Prime Ministers, Wilfrid Laurier and William Lyon Mackenzie King.

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Laurier House is said to be haunted, as many people who visit the building reported seeing ghosts. Some believe King is responsible for the ghosts that lurk in the building because he routinely had séances in there to talk to spirits.

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According to The Haunted Walk, people from all around the world come to visit this haunted mansion to experience paranormal activity first hand. Now, you'll have your chance to explore the terrifying building at night, and perhaps even see a ghost!

Even if you don't believe in ghosts, The Haunting at Laurier House will give you chills. The Haunted Walk describes this particular experience as "Ottawa's most immersive haunted experience."

The paranormal adventure is so scary, you'll feel like you're trapped inside a horror movie. Due to the nerve-racking nature of this experience, only those 18-years-old and above may participate.

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Are you brave enough to get tickets to The Haunting at Laurier House? It would be the perfect activity to do with friends leading up to Halloween.

You'll want to purchase your tickets now due to the limited number of tickets available for The Haunting at Laurier House. Tickets are $49.99 per person and can be purchased on The Haunted Walk's website.

The Haunting at Laurier House

Price: $49.99 per person

When: Sep. 13 to Nov. 9, 2019

Address: 335 Laurier Ave E, Ottawa, Ontario

Why You Need To Go: Have fun getting scared out of your mind with friends at this new haunted experience in Ottawa.

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