You Can Go On A Creepy Tour Of A Haunted Village After Dark Near Ottawa This Summer

This eerie tour will give you goosebumps
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You Can Go On A Creepy Tour Of A Haunted Village After Dark Near Ottawa This Summer

Are you brave enough to explore a haunted village at night? This summer near Ottawa you can go on a creepy haunted tour of a pioneer village. The Haunted Walk's Upper Canada Village tour promises to give you chills.

On select dates, this summer from June until August, you can join the after dark Upper Canada Village tour. Lead by one of the guides from The Haunted Walk, you'll explore the heritage village in Morrisburg, Ontario.

Most of the year, Upper Canada Village is known for attracting tourists who want to see what life was like in the 1860s or see their festive Christmas and Halloween light displays. But on this haunted walk, you'll see a very different side to Upper Canada Village.

Led by a guide carrying a lantern, you will discover the darker side of the village as you hear the eerie stories about the ghosts who are rumoured to lurk. Who knows, you may even see a ghost!

Be warned this tour isn't for the faint of heart! The Haunted Walk runs several tours in the Ottawa area and is known for their spooky walks. In comparison to the other experiences they offer, the Haunted Walk At Upper Canada Village is one of their more frightening tours with a 4 out of 5 spookiness rating.

If you are looking for something fun to do this summer, you need to try this ghost tour which will give you goosebumps! The Haunted Walk Experience at Upper Canada Village runs every Saturday in July and August at 9 pm. The tour takes approximately 90 minutes and costs $23.99 per adult.

The Haunted Walk At Upper Canada Village

Price: $23.99 per adult

When: Saturdays from July 29th-August 31st at 9 pm

Address: Upper Canada Village, main entrance, 13740 County Rd 2, Morrisburg

Why you need to go: This eerie ghost tour will give you goosebumps!


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