The Most Adorable Bubble Tea Shop Just Opened Up In Ottawa

Spilling the tea.
The Most Adorable Bubble Tea Shop Just Opened Up In Ottawa

Honestly, it's about time we step up our bubble tea game in Ottawa. While we have a few shops that are absolutely adorable, we still don't have enough. 

Compared to places like Toronto and Vancouver, our bubble tea game is weak. Well, not anymore actually thanks to Chatime. 

Chatime is a popular, and by popular I mean over 800 stores worldwide, bubble tea shop that has finally graced Ottawa with it's presence. The store opened a few days ago, but today is the grand opening. Summer is never over when you're addicted to the cold and jelly drink that is bubble tea. 

Chatime has a bunch of different drinks that you can choose from, which are all the standard bubble tea drinks. However, the taste? Definitely not standard and super unique which is pretty obvious since they're so popular worldwide! I mean, how good does milk tea with coffee jelly sound? My heart is already racing. Even if you're not a fan of boba, you can still get freshly brewed tea. Yum!

Chatime is now open in Ottawa and it's located at 675 Somerset St W. If you love bubble tea or you've never tried it before, this is the place to go. Your mind will be blown either way. For more information, check out their website here. Oh, and can we just talk about how cute the shop is?!