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The Rideau Canal Skateway In Ottawa Is Finally Open For The Season

Ottawa's Rideau Canal opens on Sunday, December 30th.
The Rideau Canal Skateway In Ottawa Is Finally Open For The Season

It's that time of year again. Canadians are still full of festive spirit left over from the Christmas holidays and that means that skating is definitely on many local agendas. Luckily for you, the Rideau Canal has opened their skateway for the season today.

If you're unsure of how to spend the rest of Christmas break, then look no further. Skating along the Rideau Canal is the perfect way to spend the last of your days off before you go back to school or work. Trust us, skating along the Rideau Canal is a Canadian tradition that you don't want to miss.

 The National Capital Commission confirmed that a 2.7 km stretch of the canal is officially frozen enough to skate on so they've opened a part of the canal this morning for Canadians to enjoy.

The canal usually doesn't open this early into the season, so we're excited to spend the last few days of 2018 skating around the city. Due to the drop in temperature, officials were able to open the Rideau Canal up for locals to enjoy ahead of their regular schedule.

At 5 AM this morning, the official Twitter for Rideau Canal confirmed via tweet that a long stretch between Pretoria Bridge and Bank St Bridge is officially open. The open skateway also includes Patterson Creek. 

Yeeaaahhhhhh! The ice is ready! Open: 2.7 km from Pretoria Bridge to Bank St. Bridge, including Patterson Creek. Info: #ottnews #RideauCanal #ottawa

December 30, 2018

If you didn't already know, the Rideau Canal is located in Ottawa, Ontario. Officials invite locals to come skate along the canal every year to enjoy the winter holidays in the city. 

The unique historic canal reopens every winter becoming the world's largest skating rink. The canal is not only beautiful and grand, but it's a UNESCO world heritage site. 

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The Rideau Canal Skateway is now open for its 49th season according to their website. As we said before, only a 2.7 km section of the canal is open at the moment, but you can check their website to see updates of what areas are open. 

The website even has an interactive map that shows you what areas of the skateway are currently open. Skating on the canal is free if you have your own skates, but if you don't, you can easily rent skates there. According to their website, rentals for an adult for two hours is $17, skates for a child are only $13. You can even rent snowshoes and sleighs and a kicksled if skating isn't your thing!

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Friendly reminder that all rentals require a $20 deposit and valid photo ID. There are also lots of foods and drinks available along the Rideau Canal. You can get maple taffy, coffee, hot chocolate and even the Canadian classic treat, BeaverTails! 

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