Didn't we go through enough last winter? And enough rain this summer? Can't Mother Nature just chill for like, one minute? 

According to AccuWeather, Ottawa is going to be hit with 'above normal' snowfall during the winter of 2017-2018. I mean, we should be used to this news by now, but thinking about shovelling snow or putting on winter tires is exhausting in itself. Above average for Ottawa is a LOT of snow, so we know that 'above average' means brutal. 

As for the temperature, at least we'll get a break with that. The temperature for winter 2017-2018 will be 'near normal', and looking at AccuWeather's website, the coldest day in January will be -9 degrees. I guess we can deal with that. 

It looks like we're free from snow until about late November, when we start to experience light flurries and the first big snowfall looks like it will be on December 1st. Get your winter jackets and shovels ready! 

Sources: CTV News, AccuWeather