If you're an avid reader of Narcity Ottawa articles then you may be ready for a scavenger hunt across our city. Below is a list of Instas that will send you and your friends on a photo adventure across Ottawa.

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You and your squad can get together and try to accomplish everything on this list. This fun scavenger hunt is a perfect idea for a birthday if your group loves Insta. 

It's time to do it for the gram! Post your photo on Instagram with the hashtag #narcityottawa to show us what you've got!

What you'll need:

  • List of objectives (below)

  • Your squad

  • Money

  • Pens

  • Camera   

via @zoemcewenxo

Hold your ice cream up to this Treat Yo Self sign

via @biamoin

Looking curiously at a painting at an Ottawa museum

via @dreamin_b

Walking under these leaves at this stunning conservatory

via @thedreamlandcafe

Hold a food or drink up against this colourful wall 

via @melbajic

Take a photo infront of this maple leaf stair mural

via @julielan_

Take a not-so-candid picture at this COFFEE sign

via @itsallieduh

Holding a unicorn macaron at this macaron cafe

via @sarah_fitzxo

An entire squad selfie infront of this mirror

via @lavieajasmine

Group photo infront of this giant spider

via @paigebutt

A photo on this couch

via @burgersnfriesforever

Sit beside this LED sign 

via @karissathorne_

A photo in this hidden ally

via @emthegem5

Biting into a delicious donut at this cafe

via @ms.kdr

Pretend to play this giant piano

via @averyfunperson

Stand under this rain cloud

via @graceetanng

Photo in front of this wall art

via @nikitacekay

Entire squad picture in this exact area

via @m.beaz

Pose with these friendly dinosaurs

via @hollyychapman

Squad looking at Parliament Hill at this exact spot

via @nicholasgautier

Group photo under this I'll Do One More sign