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There Is A Free Underground Light Show In Ottawa And You Can't Miss It

It seems like we've been waiting forever for Ottawa's LRT (Lyon Light Rail Transit) station to open. If you've been wondering what it looks like, you don't need to wonder anymore. 

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As a part of the Ottawa 2017 events, Ottawa 2017 and Moment Factory teamed up to show our city an amazing show called Kontinuum. Located deep underground, you basically go into your own imagination. It's also the first underground sound and light show that's held in a metro station. Pretty cool, eh?

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Ottawa is pretty familiar with sound and light shows, but the executive producer of Ottawa 2017 doesn't want this to be like the one you see on Parliament. This sound and light show is supposed to stimulate your senses and to get you pumped for the LRT launch in 2018. The music and the lights that plays during the sound and light show are both designed by locals, which makes you feel even more at home. 

What's even cooler is that you can become a hologram. Before going into the tunnel, you can have your body scanned to determine your frequencies and what colour your frequency would be. Then your hologram would be projected in the theatre for you and everyone to see. 

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Did I mention this event is free? Even though so many tickets are sold, there are still a lot left so don't worry. Although there is no way to explain this sound and light show without making it complicated, basically you feel like you're in a different dimension the whole time. The mystery of the tunnel is no more, and there are so many different parts of the tunnel that will amaze you with their glowing lights, projections, and glimmering wall of lights. 

This event is on from July 16th to September 14th and it starts out at Place de Ville Theatre (300 Sparks Street). The whole show takes around 35 - 45 minutes to complete, and you'll never see anything like it again! For more information on Kontinuum, check out Ottawa 2017's website here

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