Everyone loves a good LED sign Insta post. Whether you're holding up an ice cream to it or just 'candidly' looking away, LED signs add color and fun to any Insta feed.

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There are so many hidden LED signs around Ottawa that people need to have on their feed sooner rather than later. If you've seen some people posing in front of these LED signs and wondered where TF they are, this list may help you out. 

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Elgin Street Diner // 374 Elgin St

Head to Elgin for a perfect old school diner vibe picture. Here you can have some delicious food as well as take a lit picture in front of these glowing red signs. One sign says "Burgers, shakes, & fries" and if you love any of those things, then this belongs on your feed.

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Pho Bo Ga King // 778 Somerset St W

An LED sign that says "Pho", "Ice Cream", and one that says "Vegetarian Food"! This is the perfect place to go if you're a lover of any of those 3 things. Here you can have amazing pho as well as take some lit Insta's.

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Equator Coffee Westboro // 412 Churchill Ave N

Love coffee? Then go take a photo in front of this awesome "coffee" sign. Whether you take a candid of you just sitting or one of you sipping on some coffee, this is for sure a bucket list Ottawa Insta.

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Pure Gelato //  843 Bank St

This sign is one of my personal favorites. It glows bright blue against a white wall making it the perfect back drop for your delicious ice cream that you'll have in your hand.

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National Gallery of Canada // 380 Sussex Dr

Seen this on peoples Insta's and wondered where it was? Well, now you know. Head to this museum for free after 5 on Thursday's and get this lit gram.

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Kinki Lounge Kitchen // 41 York St

Take a sassy photo that will slay everyone that follows you. This cute AF sign will have you thinking "What you lookin' at?".

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Milestones Grill and Bar // 325 Marché Way #101

"I'll do one more" is perfect for your Insta feed if you find yourself asking the waiter for another one every time you go out. Milestones is a great restaurant to have dinner at and they also have a great patio to day drink at.

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The Ten Spot // 397 Richmond Rd

Hold your freshly painted nails up to this "get nailed" sign. This pink LED sign is super cute and obviously has a hilarious double meaning.

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Cornerstone Bar and Grill // 92 Clarence St.

I think every Canadian should have a photo in front of Parliament Hill and this perfect LED sign. Head to Cornerstone for a drink, dinner, and a super patriotic Instagram.

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Burgers n’ Fries Forever // 278 Dalhousie Street 

Head to Burgers n' Fried Forever for a delicious burger and a cute AF Insta. Here you can also try the new raw cookie dough ice cream sandwiches that are heavenly.