Maybe you've tried all of the cafes here in Ottawa, or just want to drive out of town to get away. Honestly, you don't need an excuse to travel to a cafe. If it's aesthetically pleasing, has unreal coffee, and offers food, it should be a no brainer! 

Cafes are not only great to work at, but they're great to catch up with friends, read your book, or just people watch. While some people like to recharge with sleep, others like to recharge with coffee. And being the latter makes you want to try every cafe around. 

If you're into road trips and coffee, then this article is definitely for you. Although coffee is always worth the drive, these beautiful cafes will make you want to stay a while!

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Ginger Cafe Fresh Eatery // Carleton Place 

35 minutes

Ginger Cafe Fresh Eatery is a vegan/vegetarian cafe in Carleton Place that you're bound to love. Not only is their decor stunning, but you feel so at home here. If you're there for the food, they have a vegetarian buffet that is to die for. They also have little snacks, fresh hot coffee and a juice/smoothie bar. Even if you're not vegan or vegetarian, you'll still love the food and want to drive back here daily for it. That may not be realistic, but Carleton Place isn't too far from Ottawa so the trip is definitely worth it.

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Cafe Les Saisons // Chelsea 

20 minutes

Cafes in old houses are everything. This little red house makes for the most adorable cafe, and you'll probably never want to leave since it's so homey. You can either sit outside or inside, and they have everything from sandwiches to desserts and iced coffee to frapps. Since this isn't too far out of the city, you can make time for it any time!

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Spitfire Cafe // Brockville 

1 hour and 15 minutes

This cafe in Brockville is another cafe that's super homey, but those are the best kind of cafes. Spitfire Cafe has daily specials that you need to try, and it's in an old and stunning building that makes it even more unique. The colours inside the cafe will instantly make you happy, along with their delicious food and drink options. Plus, they have music nights as well, which is definitely worth checking out!

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Equator Coffee Roasters // Almonte 

35 minutes

We're lucky enough to have an Equator Coffee Roasters here in Ottawa, but Almonte is such a unqiue and cute town that it's worth it to drive out there. They roast their own coffee, and you can absolutely tell. It's such a unique shop and you'll never regret getting one of their coffees with stunning latte art. If you're looking for something to do on a weekend that's close to home, stop by Equator Coffee Roasters in Almonte and walk around the town.

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Yellow Canoe Cafe // Merrickville 

55 minutes

Have you ever seen a cuter cafe?! It looks like it would be out of a storybook. Yellow Canoe Cafe has been opened for 15 years, and it's such a relaxing yet vibrant place to chill out. They use seasonal and locally sourced ingredients in the kitchen and have a ton of vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options on hand. They're only open from late morning to late afternoon, so they serve lunch and drinks but their beer and wine selection is all from Ontario.

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Bonnie Jane's Coffee House // Arnprior 

45 minutes

This little gem of a cafe will give you such old school vibes. They have delicious baked goods that pair so well with a latte, you'll want to make the drive every day before work. Whether you're a peppermint mocha, iced coffee or plain coffee kind of person, they have it all!

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The Grind Cafe & Wine Bar // Cornwall 

1 hour and 15 minutes

This hidden cafe in Cornwall is perfect for anyone who wants to study, who loves to paint, or obviously, those who love coffee. They have frequent paint nights, but aside from that, they have delicious food that always tastes home cooked. They also have open mic nights, and a few days out of the week are opened late which means they serve wine. Yes please!

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Geronimo Coffee House // Kemptville 

40 minutes

Kemptville is such a cute town, and even though there isn't much in it, you know I found an adorable coffee shop. This cafe has beautiful art all over the walls, which makes it a perfect stop for any art lover. Their homemade treats are to die for, and you'll feel like family no matter what time you go in. Since this isn't too far from Ottawa, it's the perfect way to get out of the city for a little.

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Juniper Cafe // Kingston 

2 hours

This is the longest drive out of all of them in this article, but this is probably the most worth it. I mean, just look at the aesthetic! Juniper Cafe is in the Tett Centre in Kingston, which has the most amazing view of the water. The cafe is filled with light blue and light brick walls, which will make you feel relaxed the whole time you're there. Their menu changes weekly, so you'll always get a new and delicious surprise.

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The Black Walnut Bakery // Cumberland 

20 minutes

I mean, JUST LOOK AT THIS HOUSE! A house that's actually a bakery. Yes please. They have every baked good you could possibly want that you'll end up going there for the treats rather than the coffee. Which, either way, is sooo worth it! From pastries to bread, you'll come back home with enough treats to fill your entire kitchen.

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Café British // Gatineau

20 minutes

If you're tired of all of the cafes in Ottawa but want to stay close to home, Café British is totally the spot for you. The cafe is open all day, so you can come in and get your fix at any time of the day. If you love the cafe, you can stay and play board games since they have many board game nights. From sandwiches to desserts, you'll love Café British enough to make the short trip all the time!