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You Won't Believe These 30 Magical Places Exist In Ontario

When some people think of Ontario they only think of places like Toronto, well... that's pretty much it. If you ask most people that aren't Canadian what's interesting to do in Ontario they will likely send you straight to Niagara Falls or the CN Tower (or ask you what even Ontario is...smh). Yes, Niagara Falls and the CN Tower are both stunning and unique, but there is more to see in the wonderful province! 

What Ontarians may not know is that their province is home to so many whimsical places. If you love nature, castles, and old towns then get ready to explore the great province of Ontario. The province is crawling with dreamy spots that will have you feeling like you're in a movie. From lakes to caves Ontario is perfect for any type of whimsical dream you wish to take. 

Some people love natures wonders, these include waterfalls, lakes, and amazing caves. Others prefer places that have been completely created to look like something out of your dream, some of these places include castles, museums, and towns. Lastly, some people enjoy taking breathtaking boardwalk strolls through a river, bog, or beach. No matter what you prefer, all are perfect for a whimsical filled day. 

Natural Wonders

Dreamy Places

Stunning Boardwalks

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Natural Wonders: 

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The Bruce Peninsula Grotto // Northern Bruce Peninsula

Stunning, right?! This cave will make you feel like you're somewhere in Greece. This is a perfect place to go if you're way to broke to actually take a trip to Europe. This cave in Ontario will completely let you escape from reality and hide out for the day.

via @janellepatrick

Georgian Bay // Ontario

Woah. That honestly looks like something out of a Disney movie. Head to Georgian Bay to see the most stunning sunsets. While in Georgian Bay you can go biking on different trials, take a cruise ride, or simply sit by the lake.

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Inglis Falls // Georgian Bluffs

If you're a sucker for waterfalls, this is one you should head out to see (apart from Niagara Falls of course). Inglis Falls is 18 meters high and it was formed by Sydenham River meeting the edge of the Niagara Escarpment. It's in the middle of a forest making it look like you've escaped to an exotic amazon!

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Rattlesnake Point // 7200 Appleby Line

Who doesn't love a hike during fall?! With the changing leaves, a hike is one of the best ways to escape to a whimsical world of colour.

Scarborough Bluffs //  61 Under Cliff Drive

Head here to see the most unreal views of Lake Ontario. You'll feel like you stepped into a dreamland. With so many trials and gardens, the Bluffs are truly whimsical.

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Cyprus Lake // Tobermory

If you're in search of crystal clear water, search no more. This lake in Tobermory is absolutely stunning. It's pretty clear why they named it Cyprus Lake, it straight up looks like Europe.

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Cheltenham Badlands // Caledon

The Badlands are a series of unreal rock formations that were created as a result of poor farming practices in the 1930s. Although no longer open to the public to walk on ('till Spring 2018), the fenced off Badlands are still visible and definitely worth seeing.

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Kariya Park // Mississauga

Yes, that is a path of pink trees. This park is something out of a whimsical fairytale. Kariya Park is a Japanese inspired park that is absolutely breathtaking.

via @sydmilgrom

Halliburton Lake  // Haliburton County

Talk about a perfect fall Instagram! Head to Halliburton Lake to see the amazing colourful leaves reflect off of the calm blue lake.

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White Water Walk // Niagara Falls

After seeing the wonderful Niagara Falls, go on the White Water Walk. This walk will completely amaze you with unreal views of the crazy current of water. You will be right on the edge of the river watching the powerful water run from the falls.

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Dreamy Places:

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Casa Loma // 1 Austin Terrace, Toronto

Can you get any closer to looking like you're in a Disney Fairytale without leaving the country? This castle in Toronto is the closest you'll get to living like the Queen or King you truly are. Casa Loma also have insane escape rooms that you have to try.

via @thechichiker

Spadina Museum // Thornhill

How adorable is this greenhouse?! Spadina Museum will time travel you back to the 1920s-30s. The museum is designed to resemble what Toronto looked like during this period of time.

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Scandinavian Spa // Blue Mountain 

Everyone deserves a full day to just relax and unwind. At this dreamy spa you will completely escape reality and enjoy the steamy saunas and heated pools.

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Pumpkinferno // Morrisburg

Step into a world of pumpkins and head to Pumpkinferno. This event will have you feeling like you've transported to Halloween Town for the day. This event ends on October 29th so go check it out before you miss it!

via @hori_masako

Agawa Canyon Train Tour // Sault Ste. Marie

Now this is a must-do, especially during the fall. On this one of a kind train ride, you'll be able to see all of the stunning changing leaves all while relaxing inside a train. If you're a sucker for nature, but you're also pretty lazy to walk a bunch, then definitely look into this unique train tour.

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Brockville Railway Tunnel // Brockville

This dreamy tunnel is half a kilometre long and is filled with energy-efficient lighting that changes colours. The tunnel is completely free to visit and will definitely make you feel like you're dreaming.

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Gordon's Park Stargazing // Tehkummah

The park has a privately owned dark sky preserve, ensuring that you're able to see the wonderful night skies with no distractions. The sight is also one of the southernly northern locations in Ontario that has the opportunity to see the Northern Lights. So head here if you wish to dream about the stars.

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Heart Island // Thousand Islands of Ontario

The Thousand Islands are all stunning, but Heart Island looks like something straight out of Tangled! You can completely escape reality by heading to this one of a kind island to see wonderful castles and beautiful lakes.

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Rosetta McClain Gardens // Scarborough

This magnificent park has wonderful flowers and cute waterfalls. You'll completely feel like you've stepped into a dream because of the stunning walkways and colourful flowers.

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Springer Market Square // Kingston

This market square is so adorable. If you want to escape from skyscrapers and traffic, Kingston is the perfect town to do that in. Not only is this market dreamy, most shops and places in Kingston will transport you to a dreamland.

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Stunning Boardwalks:

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Spruce Bog // Nipissing

I mean... how unreal is that view. Spruce bog is a 1.5 km looped boardwalk in Algonquin Park that showcases northern spruce bog ecosystems.

via @shythom

Presqu’ile // Brighton

This boardwalk crosses over the largest protected marsh on Lake Ontario's northern shore. If you feel like taking a wonderful walk with views of amazing nature definitely check out Presqu'ile.

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Coastal Trail // Pukaskwa National Park

If you're up for a challenge then try out the Coastal Trail. The boardwalk is a part of the challenging 65-km hike that goes past Pukaskwa's forested areas, cliffs, secluded beaches, and waterfalls.

via @michaltellos

Point Pelee // Leamington

Point Pelee showcases wonderful views of the park's ponds and cattail marsh. During fall you can see the waves of beautiful monarch butterflies and in the spring you'll likely see flocks of migratory birds.

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Mer Bleue Bog // Ottawa

Mer Bleue is Ottawa's largest bog and natural area. This bog is also the second-largest bog in southern Ontario. If you're in search for some fall Insta's definitely head here.

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St. John’s Conservation Area // Thorold

This is a boardwalk that looks like it's in the middle of an amazon forest. At St. John's Conservation Area you will walk through Carolinian forest that is absolutely stunning.

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Sifton Bog // London

The Sifton Bog is a unique wooden trail that passes over a gorgeous bog and swamp ecosystem. The bog looks extra dreamy when it rains a lot and moss builds on top of a river of water on the forest floor.

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Pinery Provincial Park // Grand Bend

This Ontario park is full of hiking paths and boardwalk trails. Head to Pinery Provincial Park to walk or bike down the stunning beach boardwalks along Lake Huron.

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Suspension Bridge // The Blue Mountains

Though not necessarily a boardwalk, this suspension bridge will truly make you feel like you're dreaming. It is Southern Ontario’s longest suspension footbridge and takes about 45 minutes to cross.

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Cootes Paradise // Hamilton

This Waterfront Trail is absolutely beautiful. The Hamilton Waterfront Trail is 7.5 kilometres and it follows Hamilton Harbour from Princess Point. Definitely check out Cootes Paradise to enter a whimsical land.

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