Choosing the right university is no small feat. You could be in the middle of deciding where to begin the next chapter of your academic career, debating switching universities, or planning to go back to school. Either way, the academic establishment where you choose to earn your next degree will play a vital role in directing your future. Best to choose wisely!

While there are undeniably great schools in and around Ottawa, sometimes what you need most is a change of pace. If the thought of staying in Ontario has got you feeling a little antsy, have you considered starting fresh in another city? Just across the provincial border, one particular university in Montreal is rapidly modernizing today’s standards for academic institutions everywhere. How? By consciously reducing their imprint on the environment, Université de Montréal (UdeM) is garnering the attention of eco-friendly students everywhere. Especially considering UdeM actually ranks 7th in the whole world for sustainable development, according to Times Higher Education!

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UdeM is located in the downtown core of Montreal, one of Canada’s most exciting cities. Offering a bunch of renowned Bachelors and Masters programs, this university is your perfect opportunity to both immerse yourself in a new city as well as practice your French in our country’s most bilingual province – all while helping our planet.

Need further reasons to apply to UdeM? Read on.

1. Get There in an Eco-Responsible Manner

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One of the greatest things about Montreal? It's entirely accessible by bicycle or on foot if you live within the downtown core. That’s right: If one of your current woes is how reliant you are on a city transit system, look no further than studying at UdeM. You can officially say goodbye to driving (including parking hassles!) and public transit entirely, particularly in the summer when the weather is famously beautiful in Montreal. This is your ultimate opportunity to get to where you need to be while remaining ecologically responsible and getting some exercise in simultaneously.

However, if you find housing that’s a little ways away from UdeM, there’s still no reason to worry. Montreal’s STM public transit system is a reliable way to get to class on time, plus you can avoid spending money on gas and causing pollution.

2. Non-Plastic Bottle Campus

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With all the alarming environmental concerns making waves globally, UdeM has been taking their green initiatives to the next level by introducing ways to lessen their environmental footprint. If you’re a big believer in bringing a reusable water bottle with you wherever you go, UdeM is definitely the place for you. This university prides itself on its limited use of plastic, as it’s even eliminated the possibility of purchasing water bottles on campus.

3. Their Campus is an Environment Lover's Paradise

UdeM's MIL campus is currently being created, and will serve as a brand new paradise for everything and anything environmental and science-related, including Environmental Geography! Think LEED-certified buildings, seasonal gardens, sustainable development projects, parks, and much more! In fact, the whole campus will see up to 40,000 square metres of greenspace. Um, beautiful views, anyone?

4. Cross-Campus Composting

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Taking their ecological initiative one step further, UdeM has incorporated the concept of cross-campus composting. They’ve really covered all their bases in terms of keeping their space a clean one, by implementing a compost-bin strategy throughout their multiple faculties.

5. You’ll Help Save the Bees!

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As we all well know, bees are a precious global resource that many organizations are working to help keep alive – UdeM especially. The university produces its own on-campus honey in an effort to help save the bee population, with its honey-collecting initiative called "UdeMiel." UdeM has been harvesting its own honey for the past five years, and produces a quality product composed of various rich pollens found throughout the city.

6. This University Gives Homes to Wildlife

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No need to visit the ecomuseum in order to get your dose of the great wilderness in Montreal! UdeM has taken it upon itself to establish a falcon’s nest atop the Roger-Gaudry pavilion, one of the University’s main towers. This is an intentional effort to give city birds and endangered species a place to call home, which we especially admire!

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If you consider yourself a friend of the environment, are seeking a new city experience, and, of course, want a top-quality education, Université de Montréal is the place for you! And if the environment industry is something you'd be into, Université de Montréal has some pretty awesome programs for you to check out - like their new Bachelor in Public Environmental Health and Safety in the Workplace, as well as their Masters of Environmental Health and Occupational Health programs. They've also got research opportunities, too - one of which is currently working on biotechnological solutions to combat climate change!

So if you’ve been considering widening your educational environmental scope, this is your chance. Many of these programs are still currently accepting applications for the Fall 2019 semester, so be sure to submit your application now! And if you're having trouble deciding which exact program you want to study, don't worry. Thanks to their new Affiniti tool, which matches potential students to their most compatible programs, UdeM's got your back there, too!

Check out UdeM's website and Instagram page for further admissions and educational information!