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5 Myths Every Ottawan Is Guilty Of Believing

I want the truth and nothing but the truth.
5 Myths Every Ottawan Is Guilty Of Believing

Like any city around the world, Ottawa is home to many myths that need a bit of busting. I can't be the only person that watched the show Mythbusters in some random science class in middle school and I honestly loved it. Call me what you want the show had some pretty funny moments and at the end I'd always feel like I could do some Mythbusting myself. It looks like today is the day I transform into the great Mythbusters I once watched.

There's always that one person in your squad that tends to think they know everything. Whether it's about Ottawa's history, how shoe laces are made, or even something as crazy as how they built pyramids (I bet someone reading this is like "I know how they were built" and if you just thought that, you're that person).

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Every Ottawan should be able to bust these myths without question. If you live somewhere you should be able to know a lot about it and why certain things are the way that they are. Today is the day when you will get to know your city a little bit more. Whether you have questions about where to find Trudeau or how to get around the city this article will help you bust some Ottawa myths. 

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Myth: Ottawa is an extremely boring government city

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The myth of Ottawa being boring will always live on. People say Ottawa has nothing fun to do, it's just a boring city, it's not modern at all, it's not trendy enough... honestly the complaints just go on. The thing about complaining about how boring the city is, is that we have all done it whether we like it or not. At some point in all of our lives we have said that Ottawa is too boring. Seriously before even planning on what to do with your BFFs you all agreed that Ottawa is boring AF so there's no point in even trying to find something fun.

Busted: It's more trendy and exciting than you even know

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Yes, believe it or not Ottawa is NOT boring. There are soooooo many things you can do in this wonderful city! I mean of course we are not constantly buzzing like Toronto, but we aren't just a government city. From trendy restaurants to fun festivals Ottawa is filled with exciting things to do. Some people choose to complain about Ottawa any chance that they get, but they never actually take a moment to explore the many options of things to do. Get outside and scroll through Narcity (shameless plug)... I guarantee you'll have a weekend full of plans.

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Myth: The only coffee shops in Ottawa are Starbucks or Tim Hortons

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Planning a study date out with friends? The only places you guys ever think of are Tim Hortons or Starbucks. I mean yes Starbucks serves some yummy drinks and Tim's sells delicious donuts, but seriously just those two cafes?! In Starbucks you'll probably end up spending more than $5 for a simple coffee and at Tims you'd be lucky to find a spot quiet enough to actually talk or study. These two shops have their perks but they're definitely not your best options.

Busted: Ottawa is home to A LOT of adorable coffee shops

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Whine and complain all you want about not having cute coffee shops, but Ottawa actually has so many! Coffee shops in Ottawa are really popping up everywhere and I am not complaining. From shops that sell macaron milkshakes to cafes with stunning views of downtown Ottawa, coffee shops are not scarce in our great city. Whether you're trying to find somewhere lowkey to work at or somewhere to grab a cute Insta, there are plenty of cafes that will fulfil all of your coffee (or tea) needs. 

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Myth: Ottawa public transit always have your back

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Whether you're completely lost, or running late for work, the bus will always take you where you need to go. The timings are so incredibly reliable and you barley have to wait a long time for the bus. If you feel tired of walking around downtown, the bus will be there to take you exactly where you need to be ASAP. To make things even better, you will most likely have a seat throughout your ride!

Busted: DO NOT rely on public transit if you're in a rush

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Believe it or not, I've heard people boasting about how good the public transit system is here in Ottawa. I couldn't disagree more. I have had situations where I legitimately plan my getaway from uni by leaving 10 minutes early, yet I still have to wait more than twenty more minutes for the bus. To make matters worse I have witnessed a person running to catch a bus, tapping on the window while staring at the driver, and STILL not being let on! The public transit system here is terrible and never let anyone tell you it's "perfect" smh.

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Myth: Prime Minister Trudeau is always casually strolling around the city

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Ahhhh the myth that almost every Canadian somehow believes. Prime Minister Trudeau lives in Ottawa so of course this means he does everything us Ottawans do. Whether you catch him going for a jog or just strolling through the ByWard Market, Trudeau does it all in Ottawa. You may see him while you're walking about at Parliament Hill and you may even be able to take a selfie with him.

Busted: Stop searching you wont find him

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Yes, sometimes he decides to walk about freely or has an event at Parliament, but this is a very vague sometimes. I have never seen the Prime Minister just strolling about downtown, although that would be completely amazing, it just never happens. Often people assume because he lives here he just casually goes for jogs and walks around, this is definitely not true. As someone who is downtown almost daily, I can assure you that seeing him is not an easy task at all. 

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Myth: Ottawa has incredible nature-filled hiking trails

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Yep... we've all heard this one. Ottawa can be considered the home of a ton of hiking paths across the city. During the summer these paths are perfect for a hike with your squad. The trails are across Ottawa and in "Ottawa's mountains" are all super stunning and even better during the months of fall.

Busted: Gatineau has incredible nature-filled hiking trails

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I'm so sorry to break it to you, but Ottawa is not home to these trails, they're all in Quebec. The trails are all super beautiful and definitely worth going on this fall, but don't continue this myth that they're in Ottawa. I am guilty of going along with this common myth as well to be honest. Normally I claim they're in Ottawa because I know how close they are. We are honestly so blessed to have these perfect trails so close to where we live. Hiking is an amazing way to get some physical exercise as well as take in Ottawa's  Gatineau's natural beauty. 

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