We have a ton of hidden gems in Ottawa, like this swimming hole. These places are hidden for a reason, we want to keep them a secret for ourselves *evil laugh*. 

However, when a place is underrated, it means it doesn't get the attention it deserves. Whether it's a cafe, a park, a bar, or a random trail, these underrated spots need to be seen and need our attention! Ottawa has some amazing popular places and foods that make the city what it is, but these lowkey places are whats up.

Here are the most 15 most underrated spots in Ottawa:

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Britannia Coffeehouse // 273 Britannia Rd

This small family run coffeeshop is absolutely stunning and so aesthetically pleasing. With their copper bar and white tiled floors, your coffee will taste even better.

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Meatings Barbecue // 2807 St Joseph Blvd

You'd expect Meatings Barbecue to not have vegan options right? Wrong. They have veg jackfruit that tastes just like pulled pork. This restaurant has all the meat you could ever want and need. If you're a meat lover, this place is your dream. With options from chicken to jackfruit, your mouth will be watering just stepping into the place.

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Terrace on the Canal // 191 Colonel By Dr

Terrace on the Canal is one of the most underrated spots in Ottawa. It's sort of hidden along the canal, and it's a great place to catch a drink with friends or do some work because they have FREE wifi! It's a cross between a patio and a lounge in a park. Perfect.

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Zak's Cantina // 14 ByWard Market Square

Zak's Diner has been open for 30 years in the ByWard Market, and you really haven't lived if you haven't drunkenly stumbled into the restaurant at 3 am. Anyways, Zak's Diner expanded into Zak's Cantina which is an unreal Mexican restaurant. And yes, you're able to eat inside a bus. Goals.

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Princess Louise Falls // Between 10th Line Rd and Trim Rd

Waterfalls in Ottawa?! Yes, they do exist. Princess Louise Falls is hidden in Orleans and it's absolutely stunning. When most people think of waterfalls they think of Hog's Back Falls or Rideau Falls, when this gem should definitely be considered.

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Bai Du // 1385 Baseline Rd

This spot has sushi, hot pots and Korean BBQ. Soooo, it definitely should not be underrated. Not only is the food to die for, but the decor is unreal. It'll make you feel like you're in a fancy restaurant in LA, definitely not Ottawa!

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Octopus Books // 116 Third Ave

This quaint but colourful book store should definitely not be underrated. They have a wide variety of books and even if you're not a bookworm, you'll still love how unique the store is.

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Roberto Pizzeria // 358 Preston St

Roberto Pizzeria will 100% make you feel like you're in Italy. Their wood-fired pizzas are to die for and they have every pizza you could imagine or want. Plus, they have local beer from The Big Rig and Kichesippi Beer as well as wine, which will pair perfectly with your pizza.

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Carp Custom Creamery // 3763 Carp Rd

Ottawa's love for ice cream is real, and Carp Custom Creamery is a reason why. They have unreal flavours, but they also have the classics that you crave. If you're feeling adventurous, go for the chocolate taco!

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Mer Bleue Conservation Area // Ridge Rd

This boardwalk is absolutely stunning, and it deserves all the attention. It has sand ridges and trails as well, and the views go on for miles. If you're looking to get out in nature, this is the place to be.

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Boccato // 1525 Princess Patricia Way

Boccato is a delicious gelato and crepe cafe that always has tasty and unique drinks like this avocado cocktail. They have fruit cocktails as well that will make you feel like every season is summer.

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107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar & Cafe // 107 Fourth Ave

This spot is a wine lovers dream. They have so many wines to choose from, yet their menu remains small and unique. 107 Fourth Avenue Wine Bar & Cafe is known for their amazing drinks and vibe, so they're perfect for a drink with friends after work.

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Patterson Creek // Ottawa

Patterson Creek, which is located in The Glebe, is absolutely stunning and does not get enough credit. It's super sophisticated looking, but also looks like it would be found in a super small town. Go for a walk along the bridge and pretend like you're in a romcom.

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Gooney's Sandwichworks // 360 Laurier Ave W

Gooney's Sandwichworks have such underrated sandwiches. The shop is run by a family from Venezuela, which makes it even more unique. They have a huge menu that everyone will love, and their fresh bread is actually unreal.

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Kava // 410 Bank St

Kava is a cafe open for breakfast and lunch, and if you love to eat healthy, this spot will definitely catch your eye. All of their food is local, and their food is homemade! Grab a kombucha and a salad and you'll be good to go for the day.