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These Are The Restaurants True Ottawans Know Are Super Underrated

You need to try them ASAP!
These Are The Restaurants True Ottawans Know Are Super Underrated

There are definitely a ton of underrated (and overrated) places in Ottawa. Sometimes you just want to bring out the hipster inside of you and find a restaurant that no one knows about, or that's completely underrated. 

Whether you're the first to try out an adorable new bubble tea shop or the last to try a popular pizza spot, it really doesn't matter. What matters is that you tried it and know what all the secret hype is about. Hidden gems aren't hard to find, but they don't come around often. Underrated spots are the ones to look out for! So here are the restaurants true Ottawans known are super underrated. 

Dumpling Park // 538 Rochester Street

Sorry, this food truck is located in a parking lot. So yeah, it's definitely underrated. Dumpling Park serves amazing dumplings along with lunch bowls, as they are only open for lunch. You're surrounded by fake grass, adorable flower wall art and your food is given to you out of a turquoise trailer. Seriously, food truck goals. 

Louis' Restaurant & Pizzeria // 181 McArthur Ave

From the outside, this pizza spot doesn't look like it would be amazing. However, like they always say, you can't judge a book by its cover. Louis' Restaurant & Pizzeria goes above and beyond for their customers, I mean, look at that heart pizza! And the taste of anything you order there is magical. If you're not a pizza lover (but who isn't?), then you're in luck because they still have tons of options to choose from!

Kiko Sushi Bar // 349 Preston St

Not only does Kiki Sushi Bar have amazing food, but their ambience is so relaxing and will make you never want to leave. They have everything you could ever want, including a vegetarian and vegan menu. Want to go all out? Get the Oshinko Roll, which is a Japanese pickle roll. Crazy, but so delicious. 

Rosie's Southern Kitchen & Raw Bar // 895 Bank St

Rosie's Southern Kitchen & Raw Bar is exactly what you would think, but even better. Even though raw to them means their delicious oysters, they still have a ton of amazing options such as their ginger-lime seared tuna and of course, their southern fried chicken. They also serve brunch which is to die for!

Baan Thai // 261 Centrepointe Dr

Baan Thai is a hidden gem in Ottawa that deserves so much more attention. They're open for lunch and dinner, and their Thai dishes make you feel like you teleported to Thailand. My recommendation is to get the Gaeng Kua Supparod which is shrimp and pineapple in a curry sauce and coconut milk that's served in a pineapple.

Di Rienzo // 111 Beech St

This Italian grocery and deli makes the most amazing sandwiches, pasta and desserts. They're known for their amazing sandwiches that put Subway to shame. If you're looking for a hardy sandwich that will blow your mind, this is the place to go. 

Asian Alley // 8 ByWard Market Square

Asian Alley will make you feel like you're not in Ottawa anymore. Their eccentric but amazing wall decor is super rare in Ottawa and their food will make you want to go back every day. Their spring rolls, pad thai and basically everything else on the menu is a must try. Oh, and their floor is made out of pennies. 

The Soca Kitchen // 93 Holland Ave

The Soca Kitchen is open for brunch, lunch and dinner, and thank the lord for that. They offer small plates, also known as tapas, which means you can try a ton of the menu without feeling guilty! Obviously, a must-try are the tacos. 

Mia's Indian Cuisine // 917 Richmond Road

If you've never tried Indian food, you're missing out. And if you've never tried Mia's Indian Cuisine, then you're definitely missing out. This restaurant is quiet, and the prices are so reasonable. You're bound to love something on the menu here, and their butter chicken is unreal.

Fil's Diner // 1209 Wellington St W

A diner vibe is the best kind of vibe. Is there any better food than diner food? Definitely not. Like you would imagine, all the food that Fil's Diner serves is amazing diner food that cannot be beat. From breakfast food to grilled cheese to jumbo hot dogs, this is a great place for a cheat day.

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