Who else loves being scared as much as I do? Seriously, I'd rather sit through a marathon of scary as f*ck movies than a marathon of rom-coms. So you can imagine how much I love Halloween. If you're like me and love the fall time especially for all of the events, then this is the article for you. 

There are a ton of events in Ontario that cater to being scared so much you lose your voice. Whether it's a castle, on a farm, in a park, whatever, you know you're about to be the most scared you've ever been. I wouldn't recommend any of these if you're afraid of blood, clowns, ghosts, zombies... or anything scary. 


Where: Kitchener-Waterloo

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Bingemans, which is a huge amusement centre, turns into a horrifying event come fall. ScreamPark has 9 different haunted houses that are all connected to each other, which leaves you screaming for hours. They call this "The Experiement", which sounds terrifying on its own. Here are all of the "rooms" in The Experiement:

  • The Waiting Room
  • Preparation Penitentiary
  • Quarantine Zone
  • Experimental Grounds
  • The Dietary
  • Ocular Observatory
  • Pitch Path
  • The Maze Trials
  • The Final Experiment

The amusement centre claims that they do this every year to tests peoples fear like never before. So if you're someone who gets scared easily, you should pass as you can't get your money back.

ScreamPark opens September 28th. Find more information here.

Zombie Paintball Hunt

Where: Kitchener-Waterloo

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If you don't really love scary things, but you still want to participate in some Halloween activites, this is the perfect one for you! This 'Walking Dead' sort of event is a fan favourite quickly. And guess where it is? In the same location as ScreamPark!

It's a special event that the amusement centre, Bingemans, puts on and it's crazy fun. It's called Zombie's Paintball Hunt and it's actually quite intense. You have to picture yourself living on earth with no government, and something called the Undead Outbreak is spreading fast across the world. Basically, you have to 'kill' everyone to get rid of it. I mean, you're basically in a movie at that point.

This event is only three weekends starting in October. Find more information here.

Saunders Farm

Where: Ottawa

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If your worst fear are killer clowns running after you with chainshaws, stay faaar away from Saunders Farm. This year is their 26th year celebrating the gift that is Halloween, which they call Frightfest, and every year it gets scarier. They have different haunting sites, which consists of:

  • Witches Coven
  • Barn of Terror
  • Haunted Hayride
  • The Scrambles
  • A Haunted Cemetery

Don't all of those just sound so... fun?! And don't forget, there are zombies, 'dead people', 'clowns' and other people (just in costumes) running around with fake weapons to try and scare you. Believe me, it works.

Saunders Farm opens on September 22nd. Find more information here.

Fear Farm

Where: Bright

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Just from the picture above, you can prepare to be scared sh*tless at Fear Farm. They have six completely terrifying haunts, all of which are totally different. Self proclaimed as the 'biggest and best haunt in the region', Fear Farm definitely lives up to that with these six haunts:

  • Hiller House
  • The Stalking Dead
  • Carnevil
  • The Hayride
  • Hillbilly Hike
  • The Visitors

Located on an 100 acre farm, Fear Farm is everything a Halloween lover could need and more. If you can't even watch a scary movie, then I would not recommend going here as the above attractions consist of haunted hayrides, haunted houses, hikes, and everything to do with zombies, clowns, and aliens. Ah!

Fear Farm opens on September 28th. Find more information here.

Legends of Horror

Where: Toronto

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If you haven't heard of Legends of Horror before, then you're totally missing out on a crazy Halloween event. Casa Loma turns into a terrifying event also known as Legends of Horror. It is a 2km self-guided tour, and you'll find yourself in dark chambers, creepy tunnels, and a lot more that you would never usually find.

Apparently this is the scariest year ever at Legends of Horror, so bring your best poker face and maybe a cup of calming tea. Casa Loma makes the whole set up very visual so you can expect that the event will have a ton of noise, special effects, low lighting and much more to make it the scariest ever.

Legends of Horror opens in October. Find more information here.