In my opinion, you can never have too many lowkey cafe's in Ottawa. With so many hidden gems popping up all across the city, this is just another one to add to your bucket list. Head to this adorable cafe and enjoy a coffee with some sweet treats.

Whether you're planning your next BFF hang out or just want to be solo and do some reading, this cafe is perfect for anything. Union Street Cafe is 100% worth visiting if you're looking for a place where you can hideaway for a bit.

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This place is honestly perfect for your coffee time Insta. Not only is the location cute AF, but they also have an amazing black and white floor which is perfect for your feed. 

They sell a variety of foods and snacks as well as many different drink options. All the food they sell are made in-house. Some foods and desserts include; cookies, soups, tarts, panini's, and croissants (yummmmm).

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If you want to visit this stunning cafe head to 42 Crichton Street ASAP. The cafe is the definition of a hidden gem and you need to check it out. For more information about Union Street Cafe click here

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