Sometimes we think we've tried all of the cool restaurants in Ottawa, and we just want something different. You could buy a ticket to Toronto and check out the endless options there, or you could travel just a little outside of Ottawa for one of the coolest options. 

Usually when we think of restaurants, we think of them being in buildings side by side. However, some of the best restaurants are ones that are made out of other things like houses. Not a lot makes you feel more at home than a restaurant that is actually in a home, so I think you know where I'm going with this. 

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Just outside of Ottawa is a stunning cafe/restaurant called, appropriately, The Purple House Cafe. It's located in Gananoque which is about an hour and a half drive from Ottawa and the drive is sooo worth it. Not only is this adorable cafe super unique, but they sell one of all of our favourite foods: pizza. 

While The Purple Cafe has a limited menu, what they do have is to die for. Their pizza that's cooked in a wood burning oven is one of the best you'll ever try, and they also offer wine and beer to drink alongside with it. As for dessert, they have options such as créme brûlée, cake, and of course options such as lattes and tea. 

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The Purple House Cafe is so charming that you'll definitely want to make the trip. Plus, you can make it a fun day trip as Gananoque is such a cute little town! You can come and eat here, then take a boat cruise around the 1000 Islands. This is the perfect summer day. Oh, and obviously snap a cute Instagram picture. 

The Purple House Cafe is located at 165 Main St, and they're only open on Saturday and Sundays. For more information on menu, location, and hours, you can check out their Facebook page here. They're only open for the warmer months as well. 

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