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This Asian Restaurant In Ottawa Needs To Be On Your Bucket List For When It's Cold AF Outside

If you're like me, then you despise winter. I genuinely can't go outside even on a sunny day and not forget about how damn cold it is. And living in Ottawa, that's super hard to avoid. However, just like the delicious spots that serve hot chocolate to warm you up, there are many other places in Ottawa that sell a big bowl of soup that you'll want weekly in the winter. 

I mean, I'm definitely not talking about those noodles that come in Lipton's Chicken Noodle Soup. Nooo no no. Soup that will fill you up, keep you warm, and make you want more and more. Well, I have the perfect spot for you. 

The Noodle House is a restaurant in Ottawa whose name is exactly what they stand for. A ton of noodles, and basically in every dish you order! The Noodle House is a Vietnamese/Asian restaurant, and it only opened this past March. Now that this is their first winter open, you already know it's gonna be packed. 

From beef rice noodle soup, to chicken noodle soup, to vermicelli, all you'll want are their noodle dishes that can be made with either rice noodles, egg noodles or tapioca noodles. They're also vegetarian/gluten-free friendly. 

Aside from the noodles, they have amazing starters that will definitely prepare you for how delicious the soup is there. Their dim sum is to die for, but honestly so is everything else on the menu. If you can't choose between hot and cold, don't worry. The Noodle House has unreal iced coffee that will give you energy all day and a little something sweet. 

The Noodle House is located at 775 Gladstone Avenue and is open from 11 am to 9 pm daily. Seriously, if you love soup and hate winter, this is the place to be. For more information on their delicious noodles, hours, and location, click here

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