This Authentic Mexican Restaurant In Ottawa Will Transport You Straight To The Beach

This Authentic Mexican Restaurant In Ottawa Will Transport You Straight To The Beach

When it comes to Mexican food, you can either go hardcore or you can go to Chipotle. Although some wouldn't consider Chipotle Mexican food, others beg to differ. Well, once you try this authentic Mexican restaurant in Ottawa, your world will change. 

It's not that Ottawa isn't flooded with amazing Mexican restaurants, but they're definitely not at every corner. It's rare for someone to choose a burrito over a shawarma here in Ottawa, but once you try this spot, you'll absolutely choose it. With a margarita in your hand and tacos on your plate, can life get any better?

Burrito Borracho is a cute Mexican spot that is authentic as they come. They have every option you could ever want, and you'll never want to eat anywhere else again. No matter if you're a taco person, a quesadilla person, or a burrito person, they have it all. Their delicious fillings range from chicken, to beef, to veggie, to black bean. They have a few other options as well, but those are the most popular. They also have fish tacos that are to die for, and they're definitely authentic fish tacos. 

You can even get taco flights which comes with 6 tacos and each has a different filling in them. This is an iconic option for taco lovers! Now for drinks. Of course you can't go to a Mexican restaurant and not get a delicious cocktail, or even just tequila. Burrito Borracho has a whole menu dedicated to just tequila, but they also have a full menu dedicated to cocktails and beer as well. Their most popular drinks are: 

  • Margarita 
  • Tequila mojito
  • Mariachi margarita 
  • Pina colada 
  • Las mananitas 

I know you're wondering if they have churros or not. Yes. Of course they have churros, which makes them even more amazing!

Burrito Borracho also has deals throughout the week, and their most popular deal is that tacos are $2.50 on Taco Tuesdays. They're located at 105A Clarence St and their hours vary. For more information on location, hours, and menu, visit their website here