This Bar Near Ontario Turns Into The Most Magical Place To Celebrate The Holidays

Only for a limited time!
This Bar Near Ontario Turns Into The Most Magical Place To Celebrate The Holidays

This has to be the most festive bar ever, no? Last year, this bar was tested out for the same reason: to bring people together for the holidays. Safe to say it worked and they're bringing it back for another year!

In Montreal, specifically Quartier Latin, is the most amazing place you'll ever step into, which is also named Miracle Montreal. Last year after they were done celebrating the holidays and closing down for the year, they announced they'd be back this Christmas season and it would be full of surprises. If it's anything like it was last year, we all need to travel there ASAP. 

If you don't get into the spirit of Christmas the second the clock turns to 12:01 am on November 1st, this bar will definitely make you do so. Even just looking at the pictures from last years festivities are enough to make road trip plans to this bar. 

Miracle Montreal is planning to open their doors on December 1st and I personally cannot wait. Maybe you don't go all out for the holiday season, but this bar is on another level with the decorations. And it's everything we want and more. 

The concept of Miracle Montreal is inspired by Christmastime in New York City and all of the Christmas themed bars they have in the city. This limited time bar recreates the magic of the holidays so well, and they even serve the cutest eggnog drinks. I mean, can it get more perfect?!

Not only do they serve egg nog, but they also serve other adorable drinks that will give you the Christmas fever. Here are a few examples: 

  • The Christmapolitan
  • The Old Fashioned Snowball
  • The Nice Shot
  • The Naughty Shot

Wear your best Christmas sweater and act like you're in the North Pole. When will you ever go to a bar this festive?! Probably never. Miracle Montreal is located at 323 Rue Ontario in Montreal. For more information and updates on the opening, check out their Facebook page here

Remember, this bar is only open for one month. So plan your road trip ASAP! And of course, play Christmas music the whole ride there. 

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