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This Beach Shack In Ottawa Is The Cutest Thing You'll Ever See

Summer is here and we can finally venture out of our houses. If you're tired of doing the same old thing, like drinking on the same patios or hiking the same trails, we got you. Your Instagram needs some bright colours anyways. All this rain is depressing. 

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When you think cute spots in Ottawa, you probably think coffee shops. Not on a beach, especially the ones we complain about most for being unswimmable. However, this hidden gem located on one of our Ottawa beaches is the perfect place to hang out this summer. The Beach Shack at Mooney's Bay is the most adorable thing you'll ever see. It looks like something you would see while touring Hawaii, definitely not Ottawa. 

The Beach Shack sells every item you would ever need to cool down. Ranging from ice cream sandwiches to Mr. Freeze slushies, this is your paradise if you can't bare the Ottawa humidity. They have treats what will satisfy everyones needs, especially since you can make your own ice cream cone. Caramel popcorn on ice cream? Sign me up. 

So when one of these summer days is actually sunny, head on out to The Beach Shack for an afternoon snack. They're open everyday of the week except Mondays. The Beach Shack is located at Mooney's Bay (2960 Riverside Dr). You can thank me later! 

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