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This Brand New Restaurant In Ottawa Has Swings On The Patio

And a huge patio, too!

A lot of the time in Ottawa, we can just go to the same spots out of habit. So when something new opens up, it becomes the talk of the town. Not a lot of things open up during the year, but when they do, you can bet it's in the dead of summer. So what's better than a new restaurant with a huge patio opening up? Well, a patio that has swings on it. 

Banditos is a new spot in Ottawa that has a Southern California vibe. They're located in The Glebe, so it's a quieter vibe. However, once you walk in, you automatically know you're in for a good night. Or afternoon. We don't judge. Banditos opened up at the end of June and it has become such a hot spot. And I'll let you know why. 

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Banditos has a super cool interior, with lit up signs with their cool name on it, turquoise accents, and wooden vibes to finish it off. But once you step out onto the patio, you'll be transported to the coolest spot in Southern California. The food, the atmosphere, and the decor just screams SoCal. 

First things first, there are two swings on the patio. Yes, swings! So while you and your friends sit around a table, a couple of lucky people can be swinging along and joining in on the convo. How cool?! Another amazing thing about Banditos is they don't just have a regular bar on the patio. See the bus in the background of the photos? Yeah, that's a bar. They open up the top of it and serve out of there. Just remember the bar on the patio only has a couple of options which is a bar rail, Corona, or a bucket of Corona. And it's cash only! 

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Now, let's talk about the food. Think street food, like tacos. Any type of taco you can think of! They also have a ton of drinks to choose from, like margaritas, rosé, sangria, and more! If you're someone who likes patios, tacos, and a good time, then you need to head over to Banditos. 

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Banditos is located at 683 Bank Street, and their hours start at 11:30 and they close late daily. This is the perfect spot to spend a summer night, as the whole vibe will make you feel like summer is meant to stick around forever. For more information, check out their website here

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