This Dessert Spot In Ottawa Is Literally The Most Perfect Place To Have A Date Night

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This Dessert Spot In Ottawa Is Literally The Most Perfect Place To Have A Date Night

You know how sometimes a food is more Instagrammable than the actual spot you're eating in? Not to say that the restaurant, cafe or bar is ugly, but that the food just looks so good? This is one of those places. The food almost looks too good to eat. And in this case, it's all dessert. 

Oh So Good Desserts definitely got it's name from how damn delicious all of their desserts are. If you're never tried the dessert spot, they have two different locations: one in the ByWard Market and one in Westboro. Most dessert places close early, because who needs chocolate cake late at night? Uh, everyone. Oh So Good is open late every night so you can stay there all day studying, go on a late night date or give in to your late night cravings. 

No matter what your preference is when it comes to sweets, Oh So Good Desserts has it. From cake, to pies, to cheesecake, to tarts, you won't be able to make up your mind. That's why this is the perfect spot for a date night! You can each get one and share. Whether you're with your BFFs or bae, you'll fall in love with how delicious and perfectly sweet all of these treats are. 

Don't have a sweet tooth? Well, you're probably lying, but that's okay. They also have panini's and a breakfast and lunch menu, and if you're not hungry they also have amazing drinks from white hot chocolate to frappucinnos. However, I still highly recommend their delicious desserts which range from chocolate raspberry truffle cake to tiramisu cheesecake *drools*. 

So if you don't have plans tonight, make some now! Oh So Good Desserts will brighten up any day, even on a cold AF day like this. Grab a latte, a piece of pie and have a date night with whoever your heart desires. 

Oh So Good Desserts is located at 261 Richmond Rd and 25 York Street. Both locations have different hours, but are open until either 11 pm or 12 am. For more information on their hours or just what kind of cakes you can devour, click here

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