I love a good smoothie on a hot summer day. Apart from the berry seeds getting stuck in my teeth, I don't see any cons to enjoying a delicious smoothie. These smoothie bowls are totally Insta worthy and definitely the perfect place to go with your BFFs.

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The Blended Berry in Little Italy sells these delicious gems. They sell four types of acai bowls, three smoothie bowls, and just regular smoothies that are gluten-free, dairy-free, and vegan-friendly. This food truck is definitely one of Ottawa's hidden gems and it is for sure on my summer bucket list. 

via @theblendedberry

via @theblendedberry

You'll be smiling ear to ear while enjoying these sweet smoothie bowls. When they serve them to you they look like blooming flowers because of the banana slices (cute AF right?!)

Ottawa has so many hidden gems that we are slowly discovering and this is for sure one of them. Add the blended berry to your summer 17' Insta bucket list ASAP. 

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The Blended Berry is located at 298 Preston St. The smoothie bowls range from $6-10 each and the smoothies are from $4-7. Head here before summer is done and treat yourself to this guilt-free snack.

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