This cafe is by far one of my favourite hidden gems in the city. It has the most stunning views of downtown Ottawa, as well as delicious foods to snack on. With midterm season in full effect it is so incredibly hard to find a quiet place to study on campus. Anyone that goes to UOttawa knows that FSS is always packed and to get a spot in DMS you have to hover over people while they leave. 

If you're on the hunt for a perfect place to chill out and study with your friends, look no further. My good friend introduced me to this gem this year and I am forever grateful. This cafe is located in central downtown and it is pretty hard to find. 

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Major factors of a cafe's perfection are the music it plays and the snacks it serves. Both play vital roles in my studying routine. If I don't have chill (vocal-less) music I get easily distracted. And without food in my tummy I can barely read a sentence without completely zoning out. This cafe has BOTH making it THE best study spot. 

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Not to mention the amazing views are totally insta worthy. Head here with your closest friends to study, chat, and gram your break away (s/o to people with 5+ hour breaks... I feel you).

This cafe with stunning views is located in... drum roll... The Rideau Centre. Yep, bet you would have never guessed it! Just a walk away from the UOttawa campus Ève Cafe can be found in Rideau mall. For more information about Ève Cafe, click here

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