This Hidden Cafe In Ottawa Will Make You Fall In Love At First Sight As Soon As You Walk In

Ottawa is definitely not short of great cafes. While some beg to differ that Ottawa is known for anything but the Parliament Buildings, I truly think we should be known for our eclectic range of cafes. From cat cafes to cafes where you can get your haircut as well, we'd be lying if we said there was nowhere to grab a cup of coffee here. 

Even though us Ottawans are always complaining about never having anything to do, it seems like a new cafe pops up monthly that we need to checkout. My Instagram has basically turned into a full on cafe hunt, and I'm okay with that. As long as the place serves iced coffee, there is nothing to complain about. And when adorable, quaint coffee shops open up in Ottawa, it's basically mandatory that we check it out. And also mandatory that we fall in love with it, which you will when you walk into this new and hidden coffee shop. 

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Little Victories Coffee opened up the first week of December, and it's been a hit ever since. Little Victories Coffee in the past has been a small pop-up shop at random places like bike shops, but now they have a permanent spot in the city and they definitely deserve it. Little Victories Coffee is the definition of zen, friendly and overall just a relaxing place to drink coffee whether you're by yourself or catching up with friends. 

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Teaming up with Suzy Q Doughnuts, which is a famous donut shop here in Ottawa, Little Victories Coffee will make you feel like you're grabbing a cup of coffee in a completely different city. The vibes are so good, and no matter what you choose on the menu you'll fall in love with it every time. If you're a coffee snob and love trying different cafes, you 100% need to put this on your bucket list. 

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Even though the inside of the cafe is super relaxing and zen, the bathroom tells a different story. It's a dark blue colour with flowers all over it, contrasting perfectly with the cafe itself. Oh, and if you couldn't get a perfect picture in the cafe (which isn't possible), you can totally try a mirror pic in the bathroom. 

Little Victories is located at 801 Bank St and their hours vary. For more information on the menu, the cafe, and the hours, visit their website here. If you're looking for somewhere to warm up during the winter months, this hidden cafe in The Glebe is absolutely perfect for that. 

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