Who else is obsessed with adorable cafes? I know I am. Trying new coffee spots is my aesthetic, and it needs to be yours too. If you live in Ottawa, there is no excuse to not try all of the coffee shops around. Whether it's Bridgehead or a hidden gem, they're all so delicious. 

Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Variety is a popular coffee shop in Ottawa, but who knew they had one in Kanata?! They have four locations which are mostly downtown, but the one located in Kanata is to die for. If you love plants and coffee, you'll never want to leave. 

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Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Variety not only sells delicious hot drinks as well as iced drinks, but they also sell such yummy breakfast, lunch and salad options. Ranging from a breakfast burrito to curry mango chicken, the options on the menu rotate out. Sometimes they even have pizza, which is amazing on its own. 

Since this location is so lowkey, you'll be able to study here, bring a friend to catch up or just people watch if that's your kind of thing. And yes, they do sell alcohol. Bless up. 

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If this isn't the cutest coffee shop you've ever seen, I'm not sure what is. From the plants to the simple decor, it's destined to be on your Instagram feed. Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Variety is located in a super random building in Kanata, so it actually is hidden. But that's just another perk that makes this coffee shop a must try. 

Morning Owl Coffeehouse + Variety is located at 1047 Canadian Shield Ave and it's about a 2 minute drive from Kanata Centrum. The hours vary, but it opens at 7:30 am Monday to Friday and 8 am Saturday and Sunday. For more information on location, hours and the menu, visit their website here

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