Sometimes you just want to leave Ottawa, I feel you. You scroll through your Instagram and see everyone's photos on their summer vacation. Whether they're in Italy or Greece you're craving an Insta that looks different from your basic Ottawa post.

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Though the city may seem boring there are still so many things to do as well as so many opportunities for a unique Insta. If you're on a mission to make your Instagram account look like you went on a vacation and you're avoiding that photo of Parliament, you have to head to this hidden falls. 

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Princess Louise Falls is hidden in Orleans and it will completely look like you've hiked up to a mountain. The falls is free to enter and is the perfect place to go with your friends for a cute summer Insta. 

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This stunning gem is hidden off St. Joseph Blvd between 10th Line Rd and Trim Rd. Definitely head here for the perfect Insta "away" from Ottawa. 

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